Karma, Hell!

BJ wrote the following (see comments)


Ponder on this:
My mama always told me what goes around comes around
What goes up must come down
And what you reap you will sow

It is called KARMA!!!! Good ole KARMA!!!!

(My initial response)

No it is not Karma; it is an assault by our manager and normally would be considered criminal. Since I am his caregiver, Vanessa affected me and if he does not come out of this, expect lawsuits by me. Karin





The only BJ I know is a liar like Vanessa George.  But mostly it is that a comment like the one made shows how ignorant that person is.

What has Joe Griffin done?  Has he ever attacked anyone?   The problem is that the people of White Springs do not like to hear the truth and all Joe has done is bring transparency to White Springs utilizing the blog, and he is considered a bad man…even if I wrote the articles.  He speaks the truth verbally and in writing on the blog as do I.  And.I can understand if Joe would have assaulted another person he would have reaped what he sowed. But he has never hit anyone, in spite of Walter McKenzie hitting him and a now deceased neighbor, when alive for no reason, coming on the porch to hit Joe as well as trying to run over Joe’s dog.  Joe did not hit either back and part of it is that he is a good man besides being a man of the cloth, in spite of not having a calling.  That’s the difference BJ, Joe has hurt no one and does not deserve what happened to him, nor do I deserve it.  It is not Karma, because Joe never hurt another person and definitely not resulting in physical injury.  But let’s look at what White Springs has done to Joe.


I guess Joe met BJ on line and when his friend Travis was killed, we were given less than 24 hours to provide candles for the candlelight service at Tom’s and Joe offered to help BJ.  I prepared the food for the following day’s celebration of Travis’s life and no one even returned my bowls. Yet Travis’s mother was grateful and gracious.


 Joe not only bought all the candles but had to pay additional shipping and handling so that we could meet the deadline which was in excess of $200.  Then BJ’s child needed something to keep his fish alive and Joe purchased the fish equipment for BJ.  Our friendship if one would consider it because one cannot trust people in White Springs, no matter what the color of their skin is, ended when BJ decided to make Joe a plantation owner on line.  BJ stated that Joe hired him to dig a ditch, when in essence, we hired the Town, specifically Kenny Hutcherson and Town equipment to dig the ditch so we could have electrical connections to our pole barn.


  BJ was asked if  he would fill back the hole and he arrived, stayed some fifteen minutes and said it was raining, took the $20 and sent another person over the next day to do the task.  BJ didn’t want to get his hands dirty.  Well, I did not accept another doing the job, and I Karin filled the hole and packed in the dirt. 


By responding to BJ’s lie, BJ decided to unfriend Joe and thereafter has lied about him since. 


And then there was the matter of BJ’s car wash.  First of all, none of the people who we have paid, just to be nice, knows how to wash or detail a car and that included BJ.  One has to have experience and because my former fiancé who passed away had an independent car wash for Reno Dodge, I would help on the weekends. The difference was that I was trained in not only washing but also detailing and what we had in White Springs was a far cry from a real car wash/detail shop.   Secondly, no required equipment was installed as required by the EPA.  I complained about it on the blog because frankly the car wash was damaging and contaminating the aquifer with pollutants.  Now if someone complained to the EPA, it wasn’t us but I wanted to.  Joe didn’t let me do it because he felt sorry for the Blacks trying to make a buck.


Since I have been here in the last ten years,Joe continually provided work for those who needed money, even though we could do the work ourselves, or rather I could.  Then in a couple of instances, he was called a plantation owner and even blamed that the money was not given to the wives/girl friends and it was spent on drugs.. That is not our problem.  But it became apparent that no good deed goes unpunished so we stopped.   


As for me, I have provided food for not only the town’s people at functions, but even for Nicole William’s run for office. Joe paid for brochures which I drafted and we were blamed that the election was lost because it showed he donated the brochures. It was required he do so by law.  Never was there a kindness bestowed upon Joe or I.  It was a one way street.


And then there was the Helen Miller fiascos.  She never wished Joe in office because of Joe’s intellect I believe. She was manipulative and would continually lie to protect herself, like some of her Black constituents who she needed to impress for votes.  Joe had the education and legal knowhow and I as his mate also had the education and legal knowhow.


Yes Joe signed away all his decorations, which I did not know at the time I completed his application to run for Office.  And to his detriment, thousands of dollars were spent because I didn’t know.  But that was not new, he was arrested for things which were not his fault, including the Tommie Jones fiasco.  Of course prior officials cost us in excess of $40,000 when all Joe requested were public records. Three witnesses plus a police officer who wasn’t even there but who manhandled Joe at a prior meeting, all had different testimonies.  We never trusted the WS police because they were political. 


Tommie Jones lied his ass off and the other two who were there couldn’t get their stories straight. And the prosecutor wanted someone charged and you will recall if you attended meetings that Helen miller wanted someone to charge and convict Joe and she pushed Jones to do so. Our wonderful Judge Scaff, gave every opportunity because he believed in us, but I didn’t wish to go through a trial and just paid the court costs. 


Judge Scaff called me the second attorney which was adorable because we have been taken into court by others and I have always fought the charges on Joe’s behalf in the courtroom, even against Jeff Sigmeister and won, but we know that Karma finally got to Sigmeister, didn’t it?   I will always love and respect Judge Scaff for his following of the law and for his ability to judge people.


As for Helen Miller, she wanted her Black votes so badly that she had tarnished Joe’s name for years, just like those who are Black in WS who have demeaned the two of us.  I did not go into politics but I had a helleuva more background than Vanessa George to do the job. But Miller, to begin with, could NOT have a knowledgeable person involved in Town Hall or Town business.  Now because of the Tommie Jones situation and Anita Rivers turning against Helen Miller, we have no transparency again in White Springs.  No audits, no meeting minutes on the internet, bills not being paid, an ignorant uneducated council who does not fulfill their fiduciary duties and the only good thing done was hiring the Sheriff’s office to patrol our streets.


If you want to determine where Karma prevails one has to determine if someone really hurt someone; verbal comments like “You are a dirty lying dog” don’t count because they are opinion.  But as you are aware people like Helen Miller and Tracy Rodriquenz went the extra mile to hurt others.  Helen is now out of office and Rodriquenz ended up in a motorcycle accident, and she physically hurt others.


Yes Joe was a big man, who had a strong voice but even Anita Rivers stated, everyone picked on him to get his reactions.  Well, this time you all have not just hurt him but me as a result and frankly, if God doesn’t take you down , I will in court and that is not a threat but a promise.   I have never had a problem with others throughout my life, except those who envied me and I never based my opinions on the color of one’s skin.  Frankly I never noticed what color one’s skin was because that is not a factor.  I only notice one’s eyes and can tell when I am being lied to.  After all eyes are the windows to one’s souls.  But frankly, I am tired of those in this town persecuting my husband who is 73 years of age and I am 74.  What Vanessa George did to him is unacceptable.  One day he is strong and brilliant and after what she did, the next day he couldn’t remember the simplest things.  He didn’t know that Kevin Pittman helped me lift him off the floor; he didn’t remember how to get on the computer and he didn’t even remember what restaurants I took him to to get him out of the house.  


No, I am tired; very tired of the way people have treated us and not only will we no longer participate by providing you knowledge or transparency through the blog, but we no longer will donate food and gifts, whether at Christmas or other functions.  I am done with providing kindness to people who are undeserving.


Karin for the blog