Vanessa George is the Reason for Joe’s failure of motor movements

It is amazing how “Public Servants” continually get away with their dirty deeds which include treating citizens or voters poorly.  We see this in the National News where parents do have the right to decide the curriculum for their children but are told they have no such right.  They do not believe in National Race Theory, or teaching children about changing genders, which in essence causes further racism from that which former President Obama started.  Today they, the parents, are considered Domestic Terrorists.  Now the FBI is to treat parents like Criminals in spite of their first amendment rights.


Many have also called Joe Griffin a “Domestic Terrorist” because he has fought for what is right in White Springs.  Yes, I believe in his causes and have been his Ghost writer for some time as many of you are aware.  Yes Joe is the Donald Trump of White Springs, although not tweeting, he states things like they are.  But after seeing what a horrible President and administration we have, I would take mean tweets in a second, over our Country being ruined which it is today.


Yet as you are aware, neither of us have been on the blog and I am certain our Manager and her Demon clerk are really pleased. But this is the problem.   Our illustrious Mayor and our Attorney did nothing to stop our Manager Vanessa George from verbally prohibiting Joe and I from leaving the August meeting.  Instead she screamed at us and actually started jumping over the table so she could attack Joe for calling her a “Dirty Lying Dog”,  weeks prior.  Unfortunately not only our Manager but the entire nontransparent council continually lie and hide their dirty deeds, mainly because they appear to be ignorant of municipal undertakings as well as the law.  The sad part is that none have been elected.


Now many understand that Joe has not been well, but it had nothing to do with Parkinson’s, but rather the proximate cause appears to be from his hitting his head when he fell after Vanessa George’s assault against him at the August Meeting.  For those who do not understand what the definition of Assault is, it follows:

“a : a threat or attempt to inflict offensive physical contact or bodily harm on a person (as by lifting a fist in a threatening manner) that puts the person in immediate danger of or in apprehension

Of course had it been the  reverse and Joe had threatened Ms. George, he would have been arrested but Sheriff Reed has made it clear that he alone, as God, determines who may be arrested.  After all calling someone a “Dirty Lying Dog” in private over the telephone was considered worse than Ms. George assaulting Joe Griffin at a public meeting, in the administration’s mind.


Joe had other complications with a UTI which made him hospitalized but the UTI was not the Proximate Cause.  The Proximate Cause what his hitting his head when he fell over backwards onto his chair at Town Hall, because of Ms. George’s Assault.  I noticed thereafter he was failing; he seemed to lose his short term memory and was continuously dizzy.   The day after the meeting we had an appointment with a Jeweler at the Mall, and although he was in his electronic wheel chair he was totally disoriented and didn’t seem to know where he was or what he was doing.   He has fallen various times, once in the parking lot that day, not hitting his head, and various times in our home for which we called the EMT’s , and once Fire Chief Pittman helped me lift him from the floor, and recently he tripped and broke his nose and our wonderful neighbor Scott Gay helped me.  Thank you Gentlemen.


Even when Joe attended the September meeting, he raised a question to the Attorney which was covered during the meeting.  I could see his short term memory was not there.


Joe was never dizzy before his fall at Town Hall, even though he has had low blood pressure all of his life.  The various times we were in the ER, and his four day stint in the hospital with various tests could find nothing wrong with him, except for the UTI.  Fortunately, we will be seeing a neurologist later this month which should determine whether there is a solution to the bump on his head and his continual dizzy spells from the fall at Town Hall.  What scares him the most is his loss of his short term memory,  The bump in the back of his head from the August meeting still remains and after none of the tests and scans showed nothing was wrong from a disease standpoint, we now know the proximate cause for what is happening to him has to do with what Vanessa George did to him that evening.


Vanessa George, in my opinion, has no class and could have handled the situation much differently.  If in one’s business career one would have acted in that manner, one would have been fired on the spot.  But no, she is an inexperienced plebeian who feels she can attack a 73 year old Physically Challenged man (because he had a shattered pelvis he has no pelvis and his hips are attached with a chain).  Joe is more cautious because of the latter because a fall could make him paralyzed and yet we have Ms. George who like many of the African Americans protesting, stealing, doing drugs and burning buildings in the nation, is an animal just like them.  Before Obama, I never thought there was a difference in people because of their skin color, but living in White Springs with a Council of no morals and a Manager and a Demon from hell, is making me think like a racist would, especially with our “Public Servants”


There is one thing that you should know.  No matter what I say or do, throughout my life, if someone hurts me or a loved one, Karma comes back to haunt them and I feel with what you have done to my loved one, Ms. George, God will not let you get away with this one.  You have  not only hurt Joe but me as a result and I realize we need a change in Sheriff because Sheriff Reed should not be in office with his biases.  He could not go after an African American because he wouldn’t have his cush job and their votes.  He doesn’t follow the law either just like those Police Officers who worked for White Springs.  Thank God the Sheriff’s Office Deputies now are our law enforcement and they are doing a great job in spite of their Sheriff Reed being their elected boss.


Karin for the blog


P.S.The cerebellum is located behind the brain stem. While the frontal lobe controls movement, the cerebellum “fine-tunes” this movement. This area of the brain is responsible for fine motor movement, balance, and the brain’s ability to determine limb position.

A concussion may cause difficulty concentrating or suffering from loss of memory. A concussion may also cause slow or encumbered decision making, a total lack of focus, or the inability to recall normal routine.

Concussions can cause immediate dizziness, vertigo, and difficulty staying balanced and coordinated, culminating in the individual having trouble standing up and walking in a straight line.

If you can see the area where the head suffered impact, you may notice a large, swollen bump or even bruising where the trauma took place

It’s common for concussion victims to suffer from emotional highs and lows following head trauma. For instance, they may suffer extreme mood swings, get easily irritated and upset, suffer from depression, or seem exceedingly anxious and agitated.