Anita Rivers is nothing without Helen Miller

Anita Rivers feels she is the authority and everyone must accept her decisions even if she has not been elected by the citizens and has not bothered to hear the voices of those who she should serve.


She complained that Helen Miller’s dealings of Project Hope were illegal and she and Nicole Williams wanted no part of it but Project Hope is still active with Manda Miller as the organizer.  The problem is she will turn her back on someone and lie about them in spite of the fact that others have assisted her.


Let’s face it, she is nothing without Helen Miller.  Helen Miller groomed her and made her who she should have been today, but instead Ms. Anita decided, like our stupid president, to do her own thing.  Anita has a fiduciary responsibility to the citizens but she has done nothing to assure that money is not misspent.

She allowed Vanessa George to make up her own contract giving Ms. George more than any Town Manager in the area and we can’t afford it.  Anita also did not negotiate our Attorney’s salary or hourly charges nor did she cap his monthly billings like Helen Miller did with our previous attorney.  No she just allows our Town Manager and the Demon Clerk to do what they wish, not keeping or making policy with the rest of the council.


Unfortunately none of the council have a business degree and most likely we are lucky if they have GED’s.  Now I understand Jacqueline has a degree but it not being in business, some of the things she believes or inquires about sound totally ignorant because she frankly does not understand finance or how to run a business or municipality.


This whole thing is Anita Rivers and the other appointed council members fault and they are bringing the town down piece by piece.  And it was stupid of Sylvester Warren, and Nicole Williams to ask Helen Miller to step down.  None of the councilors per our charter have any more power than the other so what’s the point.  At least Helen Miller had a business and political sense, unlike the rest of the Council.  In other words, Anita Rivers, you are nothing without Helen Miller and I feel sorry that you are so ignorant and do not carry the fiduciary interests of the citizens.  But let’s face it, Helen Miller believed in Tommie Jones who was the worst manager who continually lied all the time and caused our Town financial dispair.


Karin for the blog.