An Update- Vanessa’s assault caused a major concussion

It’s been some time since I have written on the blog but Joe has been my primary concern, since the second week of August.  We finally were able to see the neurologist to find out what is causing Joe’s dizzy spells so he cannot walk as well as the loss of his short term memory.  The bump in the back of his head finally disappeared after almost three months and the Neurologists after a multitude of tests stated that Joe apparently had a very ;bad concussion when he fell at Town Hall and that post concussions do not heal within three to six months which is the shorter period.  It will take longer than that, if at all, but each day I see improvement and I have every hope he will get back to what he was.


Joe can’t have an MRI due to the metallic components holding his hips together after his pelvis shattered, but the Neurologist intends to set him up with a scan to be assured there is no bleeding.  Thanks so much Vanessa George and the Council for all the pain you have caused us physically and emotionally.  You don’t just have all your faculties one day and after falling to evade battery, not remember anything the next day, including people who stopped by, what restaurant you ate at,  how to use a computer, and not remember some of the simplest things.


I know it is from no other source than Vanessa George’s Assault. Of course the police will do nothing because she has two benefits…(1) She is Black and (2) she is privileged as a Town Manager. It however is not just Vanessa’s criminal liability but the officials of Town Hall and our Town attorney.  None stopped her other than Ray Vaughn nor did they do anything about her actions.  They apparently believe in acting like crazed animals and it apparently is a new management thing..  Of course it doesn’t help that Sheriff Harold Reed feels he is God and can judge who should be arrested and who will not be. The only one I would trust with those judgments is Judge Scaff, who is one of the greatest judges I have known.


Karin for the blog