Our Town Attorney made it clear that it was important and required by the State of Florida to have a Planning and Zoning board, but so far to my knowledge we have only one person.

In fact I did not remember the requirement that there be five people on the board, so I am including that portion of the charter.   Why are you so stubborn Mayor that you won’t contact those on the board previously like Dorothy Brown and Tracy Woodard….and actually beg for once if you have to because they have been on the board for a very long time.  No one else wants to work with or for this administration so hopefully you will get some additional people from those who actually may think you are okay  Helen Miller would possibly be viable but Mayor you burned your bridges there so what are you going to do? You can’t have dementia like Biden so what’s your excuse Mayor?


Section 8.01 Boards to be Established by Ordinance.

There shall be a Town Planning and Zoning Board consisting of five (5) members and two (2) alternate members appointed by the Town Council for a term of one (1) year. Said appointments will be made from the electors of the Town.


The duties of the Town Planning and Zoning Board shall be as follows:

(a) Advisory Capacity. To act in an advisory capacity to the Town Council on questions relating to zoning and on matters of proposals to change zoning regulations, and to report its findings and recommendations on such proposals tothe Town Council;

(b) Provide for Growth. To study any existing Town plan, with the view to improving same so as to provide future growth of the Town and from time to time, make recommendations to the Town Council for changes in the existing Town plan so as to incorporate new developments, for the adoption of the new Town plan;


(c) Review Plats & Projects. To investigate and make recommendations on all new plats to be presented to the Town Council; to review all plans for subdivision, condominium projects and any other projects substantially impacting the Town to insure their compliance with the comprehensive plan, zoning, subdivision and other environmental regulations.


(d) To serve as an Annexation Board.


  1. Seek Logical Annexation. Pursue the logical annexation of contiguous lands.
  2. Program Preparation. Prepare a program to present to property owners the reasons why they should annex to the Town
  3. Timetable & Five Year Plan. Develop an annexation timetable and five (5) year plan.- 27 –

(e) Other Duties. To perform such other duties as may from time to time be assigned to such board by the Town Council.


The Town of White Springs Planning and Zoning Board shall prepare the comprehensive plan or plan amendment after hearings to be held after public notice and shall make recommendations to the governing body regarding the adoption or amendment of a plan. 



The Town Council must be fairly representative of all the governing bodies in the planning area, however:



(a) The responsibilities of the Planning and Zoning Board shall be stipulated in the Town Charter.



(2)  The Town of White Springs which has created its own local planning Board may designate which local planning functions, powers, and duties will be performed by its local planning department.



(3) The Town Council of the Town of White Springs shall appropriate funds for salaries, fees, and expenses necessary in the conduct of the work of and local planning board and shall also establish a schedule of fees to be charged by the department. To accomplish the purposes and activities authorized by the act, the local planning board with the approval of the majority vote of the Town Council and in accord with the fiscal practices thereof, may expend all sums so appropriated and other sums made available for use from fees, gifts, state or federal grants, state or federal loans, and other sources; however, acceptance of loans must be approved by the majority vote of the Town Council.



(4) The Town’s Planning and Zoning Board shall have the general responsibility for the conduct of the comprehensive planning program. Specifically, the local planning board shall:



(a) Be the Board responsible for the preparation of the comprehensive plan or plan amendment and shall make recommendations to the Town Council regarding the adoption or amendment of such plan. During the preparation of the plan or plan amendment and prior to any recommendation to the Town Council, the local planning agency shall hold at least one public hearing, with public notice, on the proposed plan or plan amendment. The Town Council in cooperation with the local planning agency may designate any agency, committee, department, or person to prepare the comprehensive plan or plan amendment, but final recommendation of the adoption of such plan or plan amendment to the Town Council shall be the responsibility of the local planning board.



(b) Monitor and oversee the effectiveness and status of the comprehensive plan and recommend to the governing body such changes in the comprehensive plan as may from time to time be required, including the periodic evaluation and appraisal of the comprehensive plan required by s. 163.3191.



(c) Review proposed land development regulations, land development codes, or amendments thereto, and make recommendations to the governing body as to the consistency of the proposal with the adopted comprehensive plan, or element or portion thereof, when the local planning Board is serving as the land development regulation commission or the Town Council requires review by both the local planning Board and the land development regulation commission.



(d) Perform any other functions, duties, and responsibilities assigned to it by the governing body or by general or special law.



(5) All meetings of the local planning board shall be public meetings, and board’s records shall be public records.