Biden did not even respect the caskets of the 13 dead military

Did you notice Biden at Dover as the Caskets went by him one by one.  Not only did he not salute but he kept looking at his watch as each casket went by.  Apparently he could give a damn that these heros were dead because of the manner in which he handled Kabul Airport and Afghanistan.

Then to make things worse he spoke about his son’s military career and of course his son died of cancer.  What an Ass.  His son had a chance to say goodbye where these 13 military men averaging age 20 some did not.  They had not been home for a while and one was to go home in a matter of weeks to marry his love.

He did not even try to get the school girls to safety and left them in Afghanistan with hundreds of other Americans who could not get past the Taliban check points.


Biden doesn’t care for anyone and the way the Democrats are ruining America, it is obvious they never did and never will.  


Karin for the blog