I hope you people who voted for Biden are happy

For you people who did not like Trump and voted for Biden, I hope you realize your big big mistake.  So you didn’t like Trump’s personality, he fought to get us COVID vaccines and kept our country safe.  We would never have what is happening in Afghanistan nor what is happening at our borders with over $1.3 million crossing.  Now because of Biden we have to be fearful of terrorists coming into the United States and killing many of us.  Drug cartels are making a fortune while the drugs will be killing your children and some of you.

We had a tough president in Trump but we didn’t negotiate with terrorists, didn’t give 85 billion dollars worth of equipment which surely China and Russia will purchase from the Taliban.  Like Obama, millions of dollars are given to terrorists to fight us (Remember the plane full of cash sent to Iran?) (Remember Fast and Furious where Obama gave guns to the Mexican Cartels?).


Trump would have safely removed the citizens, and our military and kepr the military base  instead of the airport where everyone is a dead duck to Isis.  And the Afghans who assisted our military and their families but No, we have Biden with blood on his hands.  We didn’t expect an alter boy as a president.  But we wanted someone who would help our economy and make America safe and prosperous. You said Trump lied but Biden and the democrats have continually lied.  Trump’s mistake is that he would be transparent and tell us everything.  Biden lies as do the majority of the Democrats and his Son and He got millions from the Ukraine for which he, Biden, should have been impeached..

It’s time that you thought about voting for the policies offered which Biden sat in his basement and offered none, instead of basing your decisions on personality and on your emotions.  Trump kept us safe; what did Biden do except take out every one of Trump’s policies, allow the Russians a pipeline to Europe, stop the Keystone Pipeline and make many unemployed and essentially crapped on Canada; We have inflation rising; everything is hauled by truck and as a result our gas is very expensive and we have fewer drivers to bring commodities to our stores.  The United States is no longer respected and our Allies cannot trust us any longer.

This Administration is depressing everyone and I pray for the people in Afghanistan.  And Harris needs to stop laughing at everything because what Biden has done is not funny and Harris refuses to handle the border situation.  What a bunch of crap!!!


Karin for the blog