Why use Paper receipts when TOWS has computers?

In 1995 or a year earlier, the Town of White Springs was bankrupt.  We owed some $100,000 in taxes for which we secured a loan from First Federal and the council drafted an ordinance  95-03 which was a ordinance levying an imposing a tax on each and every purchase in the Town of White Springs, Florida of Electricity, Metered or Bottled Gas (Natural Liquified Petroleum Gas or Manufactured Gas, Water, Sewer and Telephone services.


Throughout the years the amount of tax increased to its current 10% but the reasoning of the ordinance was never corrected by the council and the payment to First Federal was long gone. And of course that 10% was charged on the sewer bill which was illegally, but during Miller’s term, Meagan Logan indicated the citizens would not receive monty back because no complaints were made and the statute of limitations ran.  That is even though we the Griffins complained two years prior to this decision.


At the time our council worked with the State of Florida and Mayor McKire, Jim Smith and Bob Dezendorf went through all the books at Town Hall.  What they found was that employee Elvira Udell was funneling cash payments into her own personal account.  If a Check was made, it went through the Computer System but if it was Cash, the Citizen paying the utility would get a hand- written receipt from a receipt book


Elvira was fired and Pam Tomlinson and  Shirley Heath were hired unfortunately not based upon their education, but the Town could not afford much at the time.The Udell Family still contends to date that Elvira never took the money.


But here we are, in 2021 and what does one see.  I do not know if it is payments  just for public record requests, but any money paid by Joe or I is placed in a receipt book.  Neither Pam, nor Shirley, nor Anita Rivers, used a receipt book but inputted the amounts on the computer.   Is this cash designated as the Town’s petty cash fund where they place it in some kind of kitty for lunches and the like?  It makes no sense.  Why not use computer records for all cash one gets?


I have no idea what is happening at Town Hall, but unless all the Computers are down, there should be no reason to utilize a receipt book.  I think the council needs to inquire about this practice because it seems like a real fishy deal.



Karin for the blog