Watch for a workshop if you want an Arcade – we need to delete the Rivers’ restrictions on our lives

There will be a future workshop that each and everyone of you should attend. Watch for the Notices because we never know if there is one or where it may be because the Mayor and Staff just lie that there are notices in the Library, at the old fire station and Town Hall but they apparently disappear from the locked glass.


You will recall that both Joe and I were for the internet cafes in spite of your Town Council banning them in an ordinance that restricts everything including such things as bingo or any skills game.  They contend that people rob these places. Heck, you will recall I mentioned someone stealing a car and two break ins. 


For almost two years, or since COVID I have placed snacks, cokes and water in a bag for our Waste Disposal Guys who are heros in that they kept working through COVID and no one considered a Thank you.  Well I was up early on Tuesday to assure that I had my snacks and beverages out since there is no specific time to pick up waste….well, When Joe picked up the mail he noticed the bag fell off the garbage can and it was empty.  So instead of cold drinks they had lukewarm drinks but now I can’t leave the bag out.  Well it’s like this Anita, you want the Sheriff’s office at specific hours but most of the thefts have been in the daylight hours not the night.  And if we had an arcade or other entertainment, these people wouldn’t be roaming the streets stealing things, shooting at each other or doing drugs.


Sam Shiver made an offer for an Adult Arcade/Amusement Center and Social Club to be in White Springs.  He indicated that such centers in Lake City are now moving to the downtown because they are popular.   We have lost so many things in COVID but let’s face the facts, White Springs has never had anything for the people to do.  By having an Adult Arcade/Amusement Center and Social Club, residents could have a night out without any harm.  No money is used, only coins. And sometimes they have live entertainment and bands.  


Anita Rivers again did not listen to Mr. Shiver and started talking about Lake City Banning them etc.  He had to explain that is not true and then she started on the fact that we would have to hire more police, etc.  Vanessa George apparently had a discussion with Mr. Shiver previously and stated that $5,000 was not enough money for the Town.  That’s true the way she spends it but Mr. Shiver stated he would be willing to negotiate the tax situation which the Council has the right to charge.  Finally Jacqueline Williams said, let’s have a workshop.


It is sad that Anita Rivers is so inhospitable to anyone who addresses the council.  I would have thought her family would have instilled better manners in her.  For that I miss Helen Miller because she was kind and hospitable to those who came to the council.  Rivers wasn’t even nice, in my opinion to the Hutchersons with our town manager criticizing prior administrations not handling things.

Frankly I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of council members who haven’t even been elected by you and me determining what enjoyment the citizens may or may not have.  Doesn’t Anita realize that security would be provided by the establishment not our police unless needed.   Furthermore does she believe our stagnant town would be better as it is with kids roaming the streets, with guns and drugs or attending something social at an arcade.  Hell we don’t even have dances for our teens or adults in town, where they can pay admission and dance the night away.   We now don’t even have a community center because it is deteriorating and we do not have the money to fix it.



 By the way in the latest vote with your water billl, 21 voted for “casinos which this is not” and 10 against.  So two to one wanted some form of entertainment.



Anita Rivers votes for the same drug educed children and adults who have nothing to do and she wishes to keep it that way.  And the other council members follow her lead with no minds of their own..  And adults selling their food stamps to get funds for drugs when it would have better uses..


I don’t know about you, but I vote for the Adult Arcade/Amusement Center and Social Club whereby I am certain with an adult bring in youth, that would be a place for all to enjoy.  I am sick of this council making decisions on their own bias.  This will give opportunity for the Town to Grow as one business prospers, another will as well like Canoe rentals, etc.


Adult arcades are a rapidly growing segment of the entertainment industry in Florida. Like many states, it allows certain types of electronic games or devices to be played by the public of all ages, for amusement and entertaining purposes.

Some of the Games which are part of the Arcades include but are not limited.  

Redemption Games, Driving Games, Dedicated Machines, Sprorts Games, Music, Dance Machines video games, Kiddie Rides, Pool Tables and Air Hockey, Slot Machines, Jukeboxes, Soccer games, Bowling Machines, Foto machines.


Also read my prior articles.  What is so wrong for a Citizen to enjoy themselves.  And if they require a computer they can rent one for a reasonable price.  Right now our Library is not open for the hours working people require it to be so what good are the computers there.  White Springs has nothing and with the new people in town they would appreciate some entertainment.