Attorney Foreman gives good advice on Animal Control

Although we had an agreement which was prepared for Animal Control, Attorney Foreman explained that the Town should not accept anything more than what the County Does now.  There is no reason for the Town Taxpayers to pay the additional money which the Town ultimately will have to pay for each animal picked up of approximately $100.   Basically we would continue with the same level of service.  Neither Jasper nor Jennings chose to sign the interlocal agreement.

Nothing was voted on or discussed, but the Council went on to the next discussion, obviously indicating they accepted our Attorney’s recommendation.

Karin Griffin for the blog

P.S.   We have learned from the grapevine that our Attorney will not be an employee of the County and have the County as his sole employer.  I am certain it did not provide the type of money he wished and he is an elected official who is still the County Attorney.   I guess Ms. George will be able to retain her mentor and tutor.