As of August 1st we will have full protection from the Sheriff’s office during specific hours.

The Sheriff’s Office Interlocal Agreement was read by Attorney Joel Foreman.  This agreement gives the Sheriff’s office the level of control that they require and it is a less complicated Interlocal Agreement than the one the Town had prepared.


The Town Council voted 5-0 to accept the agreement with one change.  The Council Members, mainly Mayor Rivers and Vice Mayor Nikki Williams were concerned that the contract did not include a specific time in which the Town of White Springs is to be protected.  The council wishes the Sheriff’s Office to protect the Town of White Springs during the hours of 6:00 PM to 2:00 AM.


By handling it in the manner rivers and Williams wish it, it is telling the thieves and criminals that they will have to perform criminal activities after 2:00 AM and can continue those activities all day until 6:00 pm.     One should also tell the Enemy when you will be there and when you will not, in the Democrat’s view.  Makes no sense since the Sheriff’s Office after observation in this last month knows more than Rivers and Williams and should be able to choose the hours they feel as best, but what do I know?



Per the agreement the Town of White Springs will be provided two sheriff’s deputies on a full time basis.  Hamilton County Sheriff’s office will have the full responsibility of what is best from a Law Enforcement and Safety standard for the Town. 



The Town will pay $8,250 monthly to Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department. 



The Sheriff’s department will supervise their own deputies.


The Sheriff’s office will have use of all police equipment and the Town former police station at Town Hall will be a substation.  The Sheriff’s Department will lease all equipment and that portion of the building under a lease with th Town of $1.00 per year.


The contract will be effective August 1, 2021 through September 30, 2022.


The Sheriff’s Deputies will enforce all state laws which are applicable as well as enforcement of the Town’s ordinances.


Funds received or properties seized will be that of the Sheriff’s office through a special Trust Fund by the Sheriff’s Office.


The Sheriff will cooperate with the Town with respect to Grant Funds.


Both the Sheriff’s Department and the Town shall indemnify and each shall hold the other harmless.  

There are clauses relative to suits, funds, taxation and non-payment.


Notice of Cancellation by other party is 90 days but no more than 150 days.


There you are folks!  As for me, I am so happy that we will have the Sheriff’s office rather than our own police who were politically driven.  We will now have honesty and following the law.


Major John Davis did a wonderful job on the contract; but that is no surprise since he is an exemplary individual who has assisted many individuals in his career while following the law.


Karin for the blog