An excellent suggestion that may have been missed

For those of you who do not read comments on the blog, I pulled this one out as its own article.  You will recall Ms. Beverly Brazil’s complaint about the condition of the park and how her grandson was stung by wasps…. how it was obvious there were vagrants that took over……and how her son, Tom Brazil attempted to provide the Town suggestions and was cut off by our Town Manager who didn’t allow anyone to hear his suggestion….and she ranted excuses as always…


Please read this excellent suggestion:

Thank you for your kind words, but it was my 2.5 year old grandson I was with which makes it even worse as this incident could have traumatized him to the point of not wanting to go to parks ever again.

It is sad when all you get from the TOWS is excuses and no solutions. Or even better yet be told that it’s the fault of the towns citizens who allow people to trash the area.

Here is one more suggestion for the Town, when the employee that opens the boat ramp in the morning goes that direction, he can stop and unlock the park and check for trash and vagrants. Then repeat the same when going to the boat ramp at night, but locking the park at that time.

Can’t wait to here the excuse as to why this can’t be done. Oh and carry a bottle of wasp spray in vehicle