The Guy Willie Turner Park is too trashed for Children to be safe and the Town doesn’t have the resources to clean it per our manager

Firefighter and Lieutenant Tom Brazil’s six year old son was with his Nana, Beverly Brazil who decided to take him to the park to play. Before his nana could call him back to her, he was stung by wasps and fortunately did not have an allergy so he could be treated at home.


In her five minutes, Nana Beverly Brazil explained the horrid conditions in the park which should be cleaned and treated so that Children could actually use the park without danger.  She also provided Mayor Rivers with photographs. There were not only wasps but equipment was moldy and dirty. Ms. Brazil indicated that even the State Park pressure washes all the areas every Friday.


Town Manager Vanessa iGeorge ndicated that they are looking into pressure washing every week and are considering locks to the fenced in area. She indicated that a vagrant is living there; that there is feces on the walls and the bathroom doesn’t work.  She said the Town cleans the area every week and that we only have three employees.  She stated that Curtis Johnson spent seven hours cleaning the area and Ray Vaughn ended up helping him.  Ms. George stated we do not have the man power or the scheduling to do it every week.  Someone took the panel off the electrical box and there was a loose wire hanging and there has been concern that a child would get electrocuted.  If you place locks on the doors to the bathroom, someone will break the windows and we have had to replace windows with plexiglass and bars, she mentioned.


After Ms. George stipulated that the Town has a rotation and it takes seven hours to clean the park, firefighter Tom Brazil came to the podium and stated that at one time it was his duty to handle the parks on the weekend.  He stated with two men they were in charge of all the parks and other crews removed all the trash Monday through Friday.  Vanessa George did not allow Tom Brazil to explain the suggestions he had from his experience of handling parks, but instead started making excuses as did Ray Vaughn about the size of that Town in comparison to White Springs.  Tom Brazil left and you could see that he was hurt especially when it was his son who was stung and his mother who could not protect her grandson from the trash.  Mr. Brazil usually has excellent ideas but our staff doesn’t want to hear anyone’s ideas and this time it was evident to the Brazils.


Then Ms. George started ranting about the grants and got the parks mixed up and was corrected by Mayor Rivers.  Yes we did not get the FRDAP grant because we were awarded the grant in 2018 and work never commenced in 2019 or 2020 so it was taken away in 2021.  Yes the $50,000 or $60,000 would have assisted in the upkeep, but again we had the most illustrious town manager in 2020 and in 2019 Stacy Tebo was looking for alternate employment once Spencer Lofton resigned as mayor and left town and Anita Rivers was his council replacement.  Yes Vanessa, I can come up with excuses to but at least I would listen to another’s ideas on how to possibly solve the issue.  Calling the police, what police, Vanessa?

Beverly Brazil finally took a stand and stated that the Town needs to Fix the Fences and place no trespassing signs on the fences so that the Town has a legal stand plus security cameras and locked gates. There is no love like that of a nana to their grandsons.