Everyone is entitled to an opinion including me and the people at town hall and on  the Council who believe with all of their heart that they have an honest opinion of their rights to have everything they want, an aire of entitlement. The town Manager believes that she is entitled to $60,000 plus a year in salary, she truly does. She believes that she can “earn” that money, higher than $10,000 of our most qualified past town  managers even though she is still in training by Mr. Foreman and Mr. Whitehead.. Good job if you can get it. But you see she is entitled to that salary because she is a BLack woman with few if any skills at management.

And then there is the Council, all five of them assuming that Mary Berry is still on the Council, despite her breaking the Sunshine Law by having “in depth” conversations with Anita who swore she would obey the law. What do you expect out of Council with no, except for JJ, any post secondary, education and Nicki and others don’t have a High School Diploma I don’t believe.

And I couldn’t write this belief piece without speaking of Audre. She is such a poor keeper of Public documents and she can’t, apparently, even read. Her average turn over time on 119 requests if in excess of two weeks, Doesn’t sound like “limited reasonable amount  of time” to me and who knows what her salary is, no one will tell me even though it is a public record. I am asked  often what I have against Audre. She is, I believe, a lying, cheating fraud who should have never gotten her job if it wasn’t for Vanessa’s time with Audre at Gateway academy

Which brings us to Joel Foreman, a lying cheating attorney, I believe. He lies as a matter of policy, whether it is justified or not. See my story tomorrow on some, but not,all of his lies. An explanation is needed but he won’t speak to me, thank you Jesus.

And speaking of Jesus, Sylvester Warren I believe, one of two boyfriends of a predominate public official, speaks of Jesus being  FOR blacks alone and not for whites. He says if you don’t support blacks you must not support Jesus. What a crock of horse hooey. Maybe if blacks quit killing other blacks there would be something magical about being BLACK. I JUST DON’T SEE IT IN WHAT OUR PROFESSIONAL (SIC) STAFF  IS SHOWING ME.

I BELIEVE THIS STORY IS TRUE BUT IT IS MY BELIEF. i MIGHT BE WRONG BUT I DON’T THINK SO TIME FOR ALL OF THEM TO GO. Compared to this group of People Tommie comes in as the leader even though he knows less than Vanessa. At least he knew how to lie.