What experts say a Municipal Manager should have & Vanessa doesn’t but expects Top dollar while training under our attorney at $$$$


To become a Municipal Manager, you need the right qualifications and experience. Usually, the person holding this position needs a qualification – preferably a degree – in law, administration, or politics. They also need senior managerial experience and experience working in local government. It is important that they have good knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, and good knowledge of how municipal councils operate. This means that if you want to work as a Municipal Manager, you may need to start out in a junior municipal administration role, and work your way up from there.


Most state:  At least five years of experience in local government. A bachelor’s degree in political science, business administration, public administration, or any other related field. A Master’s Degree (MPA /MBA) is preferred. Must possess good character and integrity. (For some reason White Springs removed the five year requirement which used to be in the charter>)


The Municipal Manager is responsible for various administrative tasks. These include implementing planned strategies and ensuring the smooth running of the municipality’s functions. The Municipal Manager is also responsible for advising municipal office bearers. She leans on our Attorney for this at $225 an hour.


Because the Municipal Manager also plays the role of accounting officer, they are responsible for sound financial management within their municipality. This means that they are responsible for managing the municipality’s income, expenditure, and assets. They also have to make sure that the municipality complies with all the applicable legislation.  Vanessa continually looks to Mr. Whitehead to explain things to her  and I guarantee she has no Municipal Accounting Experience.  And by the way where is our 2019-2020 FY Audit?



Part of ensuring that the administration is running smoothly and that the finances of the municipality are in order is ensuring that the employees working for the municipality are efficient and that they possess the right skills for their jobs. The Municipal Manager is therefore in charge of leading their staff and motivating them to deliver the highest quality of work. They also have to ensure that their staff members are properly trained and developed.  Audre’ certainly does not have the training but neither does Vanessa and Audre’ stated there is no way she is taking classes.


The duties of a Municipal Manager before, during, and after the election period continue as usual, with a focus on supporting the preparations for the election. They are also responsible for ensuring that the proper public participation process is followed.  This includes ensuring that budgets are signed off and that time frames are adhered to. They also assist the IEC with arrangements for elections. After local elections, the Municipal Manager has to chair the first council meeting, support new councillors, and arrange briefing of the municipal staff.  Fat Chance Vanessa will do any of this.

  Ms. Vanessa, if I were you and I had to cheat on everything I would not feel I was entitled to Top Dollar, I would be embarrassed enough to quit.After all, what you are doing is getting into the pockets of the taxpayers and that is not good. I don’t have your ability to lie or pretend.  But wait, since the council is Black and you have hired your Black friends and an attorney who is much like you…heck, you have no embarrassment, just entitlement


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