BPS will sooner or later run out of OPM

In reviewing some of the headlines pertaining to Vanessa George and her beau fiance Sylvester Warren, if neither get their way, it is because everyone who is not Black is a “racists”   Yet they feel they are entitled to everything that they demand and will condemn anyone and everything which does not fall within their plans.


Let’s face it Anita Rivers and Nicole Williams wished Tommie Jones to remain manager even though he did not have the first qualification to do anything relating to be a municipal manager yet ever having his water or wastewater certificates.  He was a liar extraordinaire and it did not matter because these ladies would crucify anyone who would dare go against Mr. Jones, and did.   Because he was Black and they were Black, we who are White who have worked all our lives and followed the laws owe them something in their minds because of slavery but NOT all States had slaves and many were free men.


None of the three council women cousins even realized the difference between one who is an employee and one who is an independent contractor.  I may have blamed Ms. Logan for hiring Tommie Jones as an independent contractor but the three councilors refused to believe anything else Ms. Logan stated because they felt she was sticking up for Helen Miller even though the comments made about employment etc were part of the law.  


With Joel Foreman, however, it is a different story.  Because he falls within the gray lines these councilors wish to believe in, they will listen to his every word even though the law differs with his decisions.  And these councilors never even negotiated his fees as Miller negotiated Logans.



Placing aside the fact that this is all Helen Miller’s fault, it was Anita Rivers and Nicole Williams who sought the assistance of Community Activist Convicted Felon Sylvester Warren to take Helen Miller down.  Nicole Williams said she didn’t wish Miller to quit but step down.  But these ladies apparently didn’t understand that in our form of government, the mayor, the vice mayor have no more power than the other council members.  Yet the one thing Miller did was question those areas which did not seem right and she would have questioned some of the things our Attorney and Town Manager have done.


And of course, Mr. Warren brought in Vanessa George to be our manager and in turn Ms. George brought in Mr. Foreman immediately upon Ms. Logan’s resignation and then brought in Audre Ruise’ and no one has a clue what Staff is being paid which is part of public records.We have asked for Ms. George’s contract which most likely has been accepted in the darkness and signed without discussing the points within because it has not been brought up after the Attorney gave a brief excerpt of it.  What is the Town afraid of?  We know all discussions are made in the darkness between the cousins and friends as it is.  That is why there are no discussions at meetings.  It’s all been discussed in the darkness before meetings.


From what I see today, White Springs has been taken over by “Black Power”.  Just look at the photograph they took of all staff and council members.  Usually there is only a photograph of those who have been placed in office, but in White Springs’ case it is to show that everyone with the exception of our Attorney is Black, at least in our office.  And that would not be a problem if the majority of them would be less ignorant and actually do something to not only follow the laws of the State and our Charter but to also be good fiduciaries of the Town’s money.  I was actually rooting for them until I have seen what they are now doing.  When are they going to realize that the color of one’s skin does not dictate one’s IQ or intelligence?


If we White folk do not let them self destruct to their own detriment, we probably will have BLM painted on all our streets and subsequent riots.  It is now reversed discrimination and racism against Whites.   In my opinion, the Black power Society (BPS)  situation can only last for so long before the State takes us over.  None were elected by anyone; the People’s votes in the Charter were construed ambiguous by the Attorney and not accepted into the Charter, the Staff feels they are owed Top dollar for the work they do and now we learn that by denying them anything, we are denying God.


We at the Journal have been told to just allow whatever the Black Power Society (BPS)  decides to do.  Let Vanessa get what money she wants and keep spending without even doing anything on  her or the staff’s own merits.  Whitehead is not a CPA and we learned he does not understand many of the Municipal laws so it should be interesting. And we wonder from what Mr. Foreman has placed in writing to Joe Griffin whether he even understands what a Municipal Attorney is supposed to do and how it differs from Civil or Criminal Law.   Let’s run out of money as we anticipate and let the State fine us for non-compliance.  It will all happen especially since it seems like Karma prevails to those who have hurt Joe, and as a result me, because we are one. It especially happens to those who have lied and caused us pain such as Miller, Rodriquenz, Foracre, Hatton, and others.  One cannot go through life damaging others without consequences in this or another life. 


Warren states he is one telling the Truth but what I see in White Springs is that the only one telling the Truth is Joe Griffin, and the lies will soon take a toll.