Brazil doesn’t understand; perhaps you can help him

From: Thomas Brazil <>
Date: Wed, Mar 31, 2021 at 8:12 PM
Subject: Our new Clerk, Manager & Attorney
To: Joe Griffin <>


Joe & Karen, 

I just don’t understand. Reading the BLOG you have expressed that the new TOWS Manager, new TOWS Attorney, and the new TOWS Clerk as well as the angels on the TOWS Council were the greatest thing ever to come to  TOWS since sliced bread. Here are some of your quotes:


TOWS was saved from disaster by Ms. George and now hired as our new Town Manager


Why Karin feels no further interviews should be held for Manager – We have the best already for White Springs


The Town of White Springs Advertisement for Attorney closed on January 7, 2021.   We received only one application from Attorney Joel F. Foreman who we are pleased to say was hired officially as our Town Attorney February 9, 2021.   In my opinion, we could not have ever imagined an attorney as proficient in the law,  who is efficient, organized and frankly brilliant, working for the Town of White Springs.


Just some facts, our new Town Clerk. First she was never a law enforcement officer she was a civilian employee of Lake City P.D. as a community liaison to the black community in Lake City.  


As to formal education from the Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary the following is off their Web Site: Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary is authorized and approved to grant degrees in the State of Indiana under Article I, Sections 2, 3, and 4, of the Indiana State Constitution and is recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization as stated in the Internal Revenue Service letter of determination dated February 24, 1970.



We are not affiliated (accredited) with any regional or national accrediting agency and have operated, successfully, as a school of ministry for over 50 years with students graduating and serving in a variety of areas including teaching, preaching, missions, and counseling. 


Only time will tell if these are the right people for the job but sure is funny as soon as they disagree with you they are instant POS’s and need to be run out of town on a rail..


The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become a legalized version of the first.” …Thomas Jefferson





Dearest Detective Brazil:


It’s funny in a sick sort of way that although both you and your son have told us we are not to speak of your wife, that you continually have attacked me in some way or another.  You even said that your wife was the only one who elected to step up and help the town, but you all forget that I also offered.  My experience from forty years in multi-national commercial insurance also brought me in many accounting and finance situations.  I basically could do what Mr. Whitehead did and it didn’t take me that long to do, ever.  Instead Helen chose your wife and after finding out what a liar Tommie Jones was, I am so pleased I was not involved.


And remember, you kept saying we were not giving this criminal who continually lies about everything a chance.  You loved the man as did the council until he turned on Helen Miller and your wife then quit two or three times. In fact if it had not been for my meeting notes, the Town would have had none.


Tommie jones never had his water and wastewater certificate which Joe was going to help him with,.  He thought because he took his MPA courses with average grades it made him a Town Manager with no business experience. It took the bank after finding Tommie Jones was not an employee to shake the Town down which is something I mentioned to Meagan Logan esquire the minute he was hired as a consultant.  That was the problem, he was a consultant/independent contractor and could not sign or handle finances for the Town.  And the Town wouldn’t make him an employee because no government agency would let someone like Tommie to handle finances and manage with his background of armed robbery and burglary.  Of course you thought it was personal but it never was personal, it was about protecting White Springs, but you could never understand it.


But let’s go into what you are accusing me of.(of course Joe included)  I never said we should get rid of Vanessa George, or Audre Ruise. Vanessa is as dynamic as can be and has a “Business background” which assisted her in getting the bills paid saving the Town from some major problems.  However, those were just the initial problems she needed to fix.  There are so many more where the law isn’t being followed. I had hoped that she would have remained in the salary at least the one Anita Rivers gave her rather than deciding, apparently without council approval, along with her attorney Joel Foreman to get her a $10,000 raise before settling for $5,000 for a part-time job.  I had hopes for her learning everything government but she is utilizing only Mr. Whitehead and her attorney to help her every step of the way.  I do not feel it fair to pay for her training in government, law, finance and accounting as well as giving her a raise for paying the bills that anyone with a mind except Jones could do.  Yes my statements about her were true.  Everyone loves Ms. George and what is not to love except for her “entitlement and greed”.


As for you Mr. Brazil, many people have told us that they feel you always have to be right; that you feel people always have to listen to you because you are the authority on everyone and everything.  I find it fascinating that those remarks which have been so accusatory about Joe are the same remarks people make about you, especially the narcissism part. 


I have noted personally, that I may have said something in person or made a remark on the blog and it is ignored, and in a week or so you bring up the same remarks as being yours.  This has been going on the entire time Jones was the manager.  I felt that perhaps, you just hated women.  Well Mr. Brazil, I will not cower to you as some women including possibly your wife with the “poor me’s”  That is not my make-up.  I didn’t need a male to accept me or take care of me because I have had to do everything for myself and I am capable.


Yes you can condemn me for being accepting of people and Joe never agreed.  But in my lifetime, I have given many people opportunities to exceed their wealth and place in life.  I prefer giving people a chance until they show me they are not worthy of this consideration.  As you may have read, Joe had skepticism about Vanessa having a Town Manager’s without experience. 


Previously the Town of White Springs required someone to have five years of Town Manager experience.  That is because of laws, the constitutions and our charter.  We should not have to depend entirely on an Attorney at $225 an hour which seems to be the case. Joe completed his study of the Charter and the council won’t read it and tell the attorney what changes they are looking for.  It is not up to the attorney.  Even throughout my years of working in my industry, I read the laws, I read the forms, I secured every piece of information I could before formulating drafts or other criteria necessary BEFORE GIVING IT TO THE ATTORNEY TO APPROVE.;   Having been an executive officer as well gave me those duties and requirements. 


Yes, entitlement and greed does upset me because even though Ms. George did a good job, she is not where she needs to be to warrant such a raise, especially when there were others willing to work part time for the pay Jones was given at $25 an hour, and they didn’t nor could they have benefits at 20-30 hours a week.


But you love being contrary when you didn’t even understand that Ft. White and White Springs did not have the same form of government.  I tried writing various scenarios and you still kept questioning the situation.  No Mr. Brazil, neither Joe nor I were born under some rock and it is obvious with your comments, you do not get the points we have been saying:


  1. We won’t accept liars no matter who they are
  2. Our Town Attorney has made a decision on his own which is easier for those now on the council to eliminate what the electors voted on as changes to our charter. He just said they were ambiguous and did not go before a judge.  He said he consulted with other attorneys but like a friend of ours said that is what he always says, but who are they?   The voters have the right and I did not feel that it was that ambiguous but they intended to vote for a seat and not just have a general vote.  You don’t get the phone calls or people stopping by  or inquiring  information from us at the Dollar General store, because they know Mr. Brazil, people like you you just like being contrary and always must be right.  You really don’t care about assisting those in matters of law.
  3. Our Town still has financial problems and from what I can see, Mr. Whitehead is not the answer nor does he have the skills I am used to. He would have never lasted in my industry especially with all the clients  I/we had who had to be responded to immediately.  There were days where my phone kept ringing and I would be at the office until 10:30 PM at nite responding to them or handling the emergency they required right now. 
  4. I was at the meeting with Joe when we discussed his running for council and there is definitely a difference in Ms. Ruise’s truth as compared to what Joe and I heard….so be it. He does not need the extra frustration especially when he or I cannot do anything to make certain the town doesn’t go down a deep hole.  That five year plan certainly won’t help it because the priorities are mixed up.


It’s funny how you can also question Joe’s degrees and his schooling but defend the Town Clerk’s schooling. By the way, I am copying this from Linkedin:
Audre’ J. Washington-RuiseRet.Law Enforcement/Community Relations

Linkedin was where I received the information.   It is nice to know that you have such hate for the Griffin’s, mainly me through the blog, that you just have to pound on Joe Griffin to feel better whether it is his educational background, his business background or his military background. It is way beyond your’ education as a detective and I feel sorry for you that somewhere you did not get the attention or have the ability to excel in something other than what you did in life.   I could tell you were upset when Mr. Foreman first came to our Town meeting and he only said a few short comments to you and turned to me to ask about Joe.  I know you need to be the center of attention and I had nothing to do with that.


 Mr. Brazil “I frankly don’t give a damn”.  I see who you are and I feel sorry for you but I can’t help you and if going after Joe makes you feel better, perhaps you should just start going after me, Karin,  because as of now with Joe’s palsy, I write the majority of the articles on the blog, so have at it.  Joe and I of course, confer a lot even if we do not always agree. One thing I have found is that White Springs has made me stronger because of the critical nasty comments of men like you.



Karin for the blog