This is all the information I have on the Sewer Rehabilitation Project costs

White Springs Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) Correction – A loan agreement was executed for $3.6 million for the planning and design of I/I corrective action for the White Springs sewer system. The primary focus will be correcting any I/I, and therefore ex-filtration, in lines near the Suwannee River. This includes a $2.9 million grant which will not have to be repaid. This was awarded in In March 2019.

Art Walker Construction bid $3,601.622 which is $1,622.00 over the $3.6 million loaned.  However, we the Town will be responsible for $701,622 plus what may be owed to Mittauer & Associates, of which currently  Art Walker was paid $445,468.22 in late December and Mittauer & Associates $36,675 with the next payment due totalling $600,000. 


The problem is although Stacy Tebo secured a 30 year loan for our portion of the loan of $700,000 which is not covered by the grant, we hope there is a record at Town Hall.  Unfortunately some of our records were lost when our prior blog information went down. Had this project been started in 2017, our portion of the costs not covered by the grant would have been $250,000.

Art Walker need an extension for completion of the sewer rehabilitation project with an anticipated projected completion date of April 30, 2021

Part of the problem was that the Town of White Springs did not pay Art Walker on time and we were lucky we were not sued. 



  • Mar 24, 2017


According to Kellen Lindsey, of Mittauer & Associates, Inc. Consulting Engineers, the town received funds from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Clean Water State Revolving Fund a couple of years ago for the wastewater rehabilitation project after Tropical Storm Debby overwhelmed the system with storm water. 

Mittauer & Associates, Inc. Consulting Engineers were required to develop three approaches which included no action, full replacement of the system or individual assessment.

Lindsey recommended the individual assessment approach. Every individual pipe, manhole and lift station will be assessed and the best method of rehabilitation for each one will be decided.  Lindsey felt that was the most cost effective approach and the overall capital construction cost will be $3.4 million.

Once the plan is approved by the FDEP, the design and surveying phase can begin.

Currently the town stated it only has funding for the planning of the rehabilitation. It will have to apply for construction funding Which Mayor Lofton indicated we would be going ahead with in the June regular Tuesday Meeting..

Mittauer and Associates completed special field surveys and clean out of the sewer pipes and manhole system in the town of White Springs. The company will clean out the drying beds at the sewer plant in the coming weeks once rain water has dissipated from the location. 

In two months the company will release a feasible draft study on determining what alternatives can be used for the sewer system and submit the information to the Department of Environment Protection for review. These alternatives include laying pipes, pipe busting or full scale replacement depending on the needs of the actual lines. The goal of the company is to submit a draft by May 2016 for the funding at both the state and federal levels for the project.


The DEP will have to approve these alternatives for the system. The design of the new system will be based on these decisions selected at a later date. The project’s objective is to curtail inflow and infiltration, thereby reducing sewer expenses for town residents.

The town’s system project began with the company being unsure of how many miles of pipes and manholes they were going to inspect. Once the surveys were completed they formulated exactly how many miles the system consisted of throughout the community. Therefore, the amount for the sanitary sewer project has decreased by $15,341 due to recalculation by the company. 

The town of White Springs solicited bids to do a specialized field study of the town’s sewer system under DEP SRFI/I. Four bids were received and Mittauer & Associates, the project manager for the job, recommended the town accept the low bidder, Layne Inliner, LLC in Sanford, who bid $84,675 for the project.

As of Today, the project is still in excess of $3,000,000 or $3.4 million.  In order to secure the money for the project we would have to place $625,000 of our own funds which most likely would have to come from our Enterprise, Sewer and Water account.

This matter was NOT discussed at the budget meeting and I do not know if contingencies will be placed in the budget for a possible loan for our seed money of $20,000 some thousand a year or if we may be able to get grant money.  No decision apparently has been made but according to Mayor Lofton the project will be done.  The only concern was on Helen Miller’s part as to where we will be getting the $625,000,.  Yet Rhett Bullard mentioned that since Helen Miller was not at the workshop and wished to drop sewer and water by 20% for all customers, we needed to wait and discuss that aspect with Helen Miller at the next Workshop.

The 40 acres HCDA sold recently was questioned, as to whether  White Springs once owned it.  Rhett Bullard stated Hamilton County owned the land and sold it to a pre-fab manufacturer which it then was turned it over to the HCDA for economic development.  They recently sold the land to a pre-fab manufacturer.