What happened, how did it go so wrong?

Thinking that a “rough draft ” of an ordinance  is the ordinance itself was foolhardy at best.  A question of what to put on a  voting ballot is not an approval by the citizens

Here three attorneys looked at the same piece of paper but yet none of them questioned its authenticity. Hatton wrote the paper up  with her comments,  Logan added her two cents on what was wrong with the  document and Foreman waa so excited by finding the Ordinance that he didn’t fully read the Rough Draft. And somehow or other the rough draft was signed into law as if it was legal.

Tonja Brown is right. There never was an ordinance, only a rough draft. Certainly none of the attorneys set out to “look past” the obvious inconsistencies in the document. They each in their own way tried to make White Springs government legal. An impossibility. Yet Pam and Spencer signed the rough draft just like it was an approved ordinance.

Another shortcut. WE as a Town and a Council have taken the shortcut so often and with such abandon that it is now impossible to do anything, like find an approved legal ordinance, without searching for it until we found one that “LOOKED” like the official document. It wasn’t and each of the three attorneys and each of the Council members WHIFFED at the pitch. Can’t wait until the election. Maybe we’ll get some one or two someones who question things.

As it was on Tuesday night nobody questioned the document. We repealed a “THOUGHT PROCESS” of the attorney’s and Council members. This five to zero vote  or three to zero voting has got to stop. This never looking past what an attorney tells us is wrong. They are not infallible. I say to the Council,  use common sense. For 22 years, since I’ve lived in town, the council has taken the shortcut. Stop It I  say.