I think WS is still broke but if we ever get out of the red…..

This cannot be done now, but this is one of the Modular contractor’s ad, which should tell you that White Springs has not done their due diligence for the citizens.  Instead, we have cost the citizens in excess of $47,000.  This is not Vanessa’s or the current administration’s fault but those involved in prior administrations:


We do not even know the disposition of the Loan secured by Stacy Tebo relating to the Art Walker/Sewer Revitalization because we owe 10% or over $700,000,   Plus our Wastewater Building is only ten some years old and we have not maintained it or its equipment and now that we have someone good operating it like Ray Vaughn, it seem everything is falling on his head.




Modular Buildings Florida, Prefabricated building Florida


Modular Buildings Florida, Prefabricated building Florida
Florida modular buildings form Avon Modular are State Approved and certified for its use throughout the State of Florida. Whether you need a building in Fort Myers, Crystal River, Tallahassee, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Lakeland, Sarasota, Tampa, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Cape Canaveral, or any other city Florida, Avon Modular will make sure you have the proper approvals.



Our modular building experts are available for design consultation, or any questions pertaining to your project to help ensure all business matters are accounted for and the Avon Modular Florida team strives to treat your project as if it were its own, while providing the finest personal service.



Avon Modular is a licensed modular building manufacturer, License # MFT 8686, and a leader in the commercial modular building industry that has provided the finest quality buildings to oil, gas, energy, shipbuilders, pipeline, drilling, mining, clean tank, and marine / shipping companies throughout the State of Florida. Our goal is working with the customer budget to provide the right modular building solution whether permanent buildings or temporary buildings.



Avon Modular Florida team will help configure buildings to meet a variety of building needs, including: Work force housing, oil base camps, man camps, bunkhouses, business offices, galley kitchen, cafeteria, training facility, laboratory facility or modular laboratory, medical center or healthcare facility, surgical center, practitioner office, primary care facility, MRI or dialysis units, educational facility, lecture hall, dormitory facility or modular dormitory, portable buildings, modular schools, office trailers, modular hospitals, and government military buildings or modular barracks.


Since hurricane Katrina and other major storms in the gulf states, surrounding areas effected by storm surges or windstorm damages occurred in Miami-Dade County and other cities that suffered a tremendous damage changed our preparedness forever. During a lot of the clean-up, and rehabilitation of the city, many modular buildings were used as temporary disaster relief centers, temporary houses and businesses, emergency care centers, emergency medical clinics, hospital surgical centers, and a lot more. Modular buildings were one of the most useful methods of construction available for those who were in desperate need. The use of modular building and its construction continues to surprise everyone with all its uses, speed to deliver buildings, and efficiency.



Whether your current project is in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, Tallahassee, Fort Myers, or Venice, Avon Modular Florida has the capability and resources to deliver the prefabricated building you need. Our capabilities could also provide Green buildings offices for Ichetucknee, Everglades, Sebastian Inlet, Cayo Costa State Park, Weeki Wachee Springs State Park in the near future to preserve these historic sites that so many have loved to visit.







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Phone: 1-800-258-7411 Email: info@avonmodular.com