White Springs Police Department Resignations

For almost a decade in which I have lived in White Springs, I could not believe the outright dishonesty of our Police Chief as well as the actions and inactions of some of her faithful officers.  It is because of her, in my opinion, that we lost many good officers and kept those who for their own survival, because they could not secure another job readily, added to the corruption of the Town.  The Citizens have had no rights, except for those who patronized Chief Rodriquenz and subsequently Officer Marsh.  Those who patronized would get a break while others were demoralized.

There have been so many lies about we the Griffins that it is difficult to count.  But we know, this is because of the old guard who were council members who could not accept new ideas or the fact that just maybe other people were smarter then they were.  The old guard in most cases did not have the education, or did not keep up with education or involvement in business, management and law so they remained ignorant.  They apparently had no achievements in their business lives and needed their  own agenda and to hear themselves talk so that they could pretend they were impressive. 

Their non-acceptance and lies did nothing to we the Griffins except to try and shackle us, jail us and treat us like deplorables in spite of the help we have given them numerous times.   And our police officers especially Chief Rodriquenz definitely did her part to cause as much pain and chaos as she could, lying at every step.   But finally, finally, our police department who has done nothing for the Citizens of White Springs will be defunded or have been pushed out by these last two resignations.   It is a wonderful moment and I am not sorry to see these two sorry police officers out of our lives and hopefully with Officer Marsh, he will not be working in White Springs.

The police Department in White Springs will no longer exist.  Resignations have been received from Chief Rodriquenz with her retirement going into effect March 22, 2021 and Lieutenant Michael Brandon Marsh’s last day of service will be February 21, 2021.    Lieutenant Marsh is now working part time for the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.  Perhaps Chief Rodriquenz again may become a hair stylist.

As Joe Griffin had indicated years ago, although Police Officers are important if they keep the law and are not corrupt, we needed the Sheriff’s office to handle our Town in a fair and just manner.  At one time he received a quotation from that office for $150,000 for an officer to be in Town 13 hours each day.  From our costs that would save us in excess of $50,000 plus vehicles mileage, maintenance and fuel, etc.

Well Ms. George, our Town Manager, realized that our Citizens did not receive the service they should from our own officers and well before the resignations were given to her, she had been having talks and negotiations with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department to protect our Town and its Citizens.  We didn’t have to tell her.  She is capable and saw what was happening in White Springs and started working toward a goal of police protection for all of us.   Currently she has received an informal proposal which she is reviewing and she will let us know in due course, prior to the resignations.

It may be said that at one time, the Sheriff’s office was responding to over 80% of the calls in White Springs and at the time we had four officers.  For the size of our Town the maximum number of officers needed statistically is 1.5 .   Also our Reserve Officers also will no longer be providing police services in White Springs.

When former Mayor McKire was voted out of office and replaced by Helen Miller, she required two police car units one in front and one in back to take her into the “Black” Sections of town.  That definitely was a waste of Taxpayer funds. 

Not having a corrupt Police Department is a great thing and you cannot imagine how relieved we the Griffin’s are that finally the lies and corruption from the Police Department in White Springs is about to end.

Karin for the blog