Karin’s article that you just read is a firm defense of Ms. George’s being the town manager of White Springs. Agree with everything she said EXCEPT for the history of Managers in White Springs. Our lack of Competition for the Town Manager position is fraught with the employment of a host of bad decisions and bad managers. In addition we have given to our selection of town managers of friends of the Council, enter Tebo, Farley, and others who chose Tebo and especially Jones, Those were some of the WORST decisions the town has ever made all because she was a woman or he was BLACK. AND All OF THEM WERE COMING OFF OF A “TERMINATION” FROM THEIR PRIOR JOBS,


They were hardly the best and the brightest available but we didn’t care, did we members of the Old Guard? We filled to hole with the quickest way possible. As Willie said “I want the girl”as if that was qualification enough. Or Anita’s and Nikki’s statement “we want the black man.” Enough said.


Have competition, I say. Ms. George has done bunches for the town of White Springs but her Educational and work history requirement DO NOT MATCH SOME OF  THE OTHER APPLICANTS. I think we need to interview all people who cared enough to submit an application or resume. Then we would KNOW, if Ms.. George is the Best and the Brightest. I want to  know what is wrong with finding out before we pick a new Town Manager.


And for goodness sake don’t give the selectee a non-breakable contract. What fools we were, weren’t we Old Guard? (Helen Rhett and other Mayors who ran roughshod over our town. Anita is doing a great job but should she be Mayor when the new Council gets in? Not without competition I say.


We, the citizens have an opportunity to pick and choose the best and brightest and I will be glad to see it.