Fire Chief works toward additional grant money for WSFR

You will recall that Scott Gay provided a grant through his long time friend Joe Eckstein for Firefighter bunker gear.  Ray and Kay Eckstein Charitable Trust donated $2,000 to the Fire Department  to be used for bunker gear, helmets, etc. a   An award check of $10,000 from Joe Eckstein was to have been processed by May 12, 2021.



Fire Chief Pittman had further good news regarding the bunker gear.  Apparently the White Springs Fire Rescue may receive another 50% of that which has been spent for Bunker Gear.  That means one half of the original donation may be utilized for additional gear. 



Chief Pittman has also applied for another grant for which the Town will be responsible for 25% of the funds.



Firefighter Stephanie Lane is attending fire school and will graduate mid-April.   Stormant and Reddick elected to attend fire school later in the year because their jobs and other commitments did not allow for them to attend at the same time as Ms. Lane.



Chief Pittman also indicated that they require equipment installed in the fire bays so that our firefighters are not subject to the exhaust fumes which linger from starting vehicles.  It can be very damaging to the firefighter’s health.