Council approves $6,860 to replace lightning hit pump at the lift station on 1st

The residents of First Street are suffering a major backup of the sewer system into their homes.  The reason this is happening is because lightning damaged, rather fried the pump in the lift station.Currently our Sewer Water Supervisor, Ray Vaughn has been operating the lift station manually but $6,860 is required for a new pump.  It had cost $1,500 to rebuild but the entire circuit board has fried from the lightning hit.

Since our Town Manager may only issue checks of up to $2,500, she sought approval from the council and received it 3-0 to issue a check to  Bailey Pump in the amount of $6,860 in order to receive a new pump as soon as possible.



The Town staff and management is very concerned about rectifying this problem.  By buying a new pump the lift station operates automatically as it has previously and so the residents will not incur the continuous sewage problems.  In the interim, until it is received and installed by Mr. Vaughn, he will be there manually handling the manner.


We are so fortunate having someone like Ray Vaughn who is knowledgeable as well as being a mechanical genius of sorts.


I understand that as of this morning, he and our Town Manager have considered going to Florida Municipal Insurance Trust to place a property or inland marine claim for the pump to recapture some of the costs of the lightning hit.  Because of a deductible and depreciation, we most likely will not receive the total amount of money expended for a new pump, but whatever the Town may receive from FMIT will assist our budget. What a great team of staffers we have and it is evident they all work together when one attends a council meeting or workshop.  Things in White Springs have changed 360 degrees.