Consider Running for TOWS Town Council

Our Town Clerk, Audrey Lewis, has been working with Hamilton County Supervisor of Elections so that she is familiar with all of the aspects of our upcoming Election in April.


All packets will be available for pick up by candidates on March 10th and the qualification period will end on March 16th.


Hamilton County will close all registrations to vote on March 29th.


Changes were made by the vote in 2019.  And although Attorney Meagan Logan made changes on a document, they were never implemented by ordinance or made a part of our Town Charter.  Furthermore Attorney Hatton had several conflicting statements which were stated in the 2019 ballot which has caused a problem especially for the one item which passed.  But neither attorney Logan or Hatton understood a 60% rule of those who voted as being the criteria to pass an amendment.


In looking over what was thought as having been passed, Attorney Joel F. Foreman stated that only one item passed.  In order to pass 60% of the voters who actually voted on the issue would have had to have approved the change.  It appears only one issue filled that criteria.  Therefore the paperwork which our Town Clerk secured was given to Attorney Foreman to review to assure that we accomplish what the citizens required.  It will be discussed at the Workshop segment of the February 23rd meeting.


For those of you who wish a better White Springs and who would like to have a voice in your local government, we suggest that you run for council.  There is no longer discrimination among council members as we had in the past and all candidates who are willing to run will have a fair and equitable opportunity.


There are three seats which will be up for election.   Helen Miller’s seat, Tom Moore’s seat and Jacqueline William’s seat.   We really hope that Jacqueline Williams will run in this election due to the fact that she has done much for the Town Council and the Town of White Springs.  Currently her supervision position of multiple nursing homes in the State makes it difficult for her but she is an asset to all of us.


Once we receive all the details of the election the Journal will make certain you are aware of them.   It is so wonderful to have Audrey Lewis as our Town  Clerk and official election supervisor for White Springs.  Finally fairness and no one fixing the ballot boxes as has happened in the past.

Karin for the blog