On January 19th, 2021, Attorney Foremen met virtually with Allison Megrath and Brian Teeple, representatives from Kimley-Horn and Associates.  The Town has engaged Kimley-Horn to assist with two land use projects;  rezoning for the Community Center property and the Comprehensive Plan Amendments to make it possible to improve certain “environmentally sensitive” parcels on the Future Land Use Map (FLUM).  Although both of them work on both projects, Mr. Teeple briefed Attorney Foreman on the first issue and Mrs. Megrath on the second.




Kimley-Horn was primarily tasked with making sure the land on which the Community Center would be constructed had a “public use” zoning.  The paperwork was delayed by the same factors affecting the engineering discussed with Jordan & Associates, North Florida Professional Services.


Because of the lack of clarity and the changing of plans midstream, Kimley-Horn was forced to adjust.  At this time, the paperwork is ready and the only thing left to do is having a hearing before the Town’s Planning and Zoning Agency.  That hearing has been postponed as Kimley-Horn has been attempting to have both this issue and the next heard at the same hearing; this will save travel costs and fees as it will avoid two trips.



Kimley-Horn was first approached about how to make certain lots inside the Town’s limits buildable, given the minimum acreage requirements and other restrictions imposed on the ESA zone.  As a first step, it was important for them to determine the town’s current, approved Future Land Use Map under the Comprehensive plan.  This took some time as it became evident there were many draft maps circulating that caused confusion as to where certain zones had been properly established.


Kimley-Horn has now identified the lots in question and has completed draft amendments to both the Town’s comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations.  This will allow for the zoning to remain as-is with changes to the restrictions within that zoning that will authorize additional uses.  These items are also ready to go as of December 20, 2020, but Kimley-Horn is awaiting direction to proceed on the Community Center so these items can be set for the same hearing date.


This report and the one following is a broad summarization of the discussions with these consultants by Attorney Foreman.  Mr. Foreman further states it is clear the consultants are all prepared to move forward pending only direction from the Council.  “It is my recommendation that a motion be made as to whether the town will proceed with the Community Center as currently envisioned.  If the Town does wish to proceed, then Jordan & Associates should be directed to file for an extension on the CDBG.  If the extension is granted, then North Florida Professional Services can resume bidding on schedule and the rezoning with Kimley-Horn can proceed.”

“If the Town is not proceeding at this time with the Community Center as planned, the Town should direct Kimley-Horn to proceed on the FLUM/Comprehensive Plan issues and standby on any rezoning>”


In accordance with Attorney Foreman’s discussion with Ms. Megrath, she indicated there are some environmentally sensitive areas which are too small in which to build.  She had been speaking with Mrs. Woodard as to which land may be pulled out of the future land maps and to have changes made to the Land Development Regulations (LDR).  Because of the LDR’s no one can build homes on these minimums and they should be changed.

Mr. Teeple indicated to Attorney Foreman that the Roads to the Community Center at the existing contemplated site require Road Engineering.  This will be difficult to do with a one lane road when we are already well over the budget by $100,000.  The building could not be built until the Road is widened from its current one lane to allow emergency vehicles through.

With the construction defects existing in the women’s Community Center, (which has since been closed) there is a great need for a community Center.  People wish to rent the building for various engagements.   Acting Mayor Rivers has indicated that the 75 Acres at Woodpecker and the water plant would be a great location with good roads.   The only difficulty will be that those who do not drive within White Springs would not be able to walk to a facility in that area and thus would need some form of vehicular transportation.