For being so concerned with the happpenings in town the members of the old guard, Helen, Walter, Tommie, Pam, Shirley and a host of other fair=the-wells have shown us their TRUE no being interested enough to attend a ssingle council meeting since they were thrown off of or resigned from a positions of authority with the town of White Springs.

Shame on them. It just proves that Helen Walter Tommie and the rest of them were only in town government for the praise and acholades  they got from town citizens. They were in it for the ego rush they got when they bloviated their way to long-winded speeches.or chose their words carefully to keep from upseting the Citizens. What kind of hubris is rhis?

Walter was on the Council for 16 plus years and what did he accomplish? I would contend nothing was accomplished. Helen was  on for 6 plus years as Mayor plus another two years a a council member. What did she accomplish except to get rewards from her friends at the Florida League of Cities and like minded self-serving orgnizations and to get thrown off of the Council not once but twice for  overstepping her authority. She never learned.

Our town managers were no better. If you remember the town managers were hired by the Council which did a piss poor job of hiring the best and the brightest. This was highlighted by the hiring of Tommie who couldn’t even write his resume without plagerizing books and articles. We don’t know yet how  our current town manager will fair. Hopefully she’ll be a star. But time will tell.

But none of them have come to a Council meeting since they left public office. Two last thoughts I have been opposed to most if not all of these supposed public servants who aparently have no interest in good government since before they were appointed too their position of authority. It’s time that some of t hem came to Council meetings to see  how a town council should be run. Not that they give a damn now that they are no longer in charge.