A Great Supervisor who loves TOWS – Ray Vaughn

February 9th’s Town Council Meeting was filled with Praise for an exceptional employee of the TOWS.


Not only did Mr. Davis state how great an interest Ray Vaughn takes in handling the Sewer/Water Plants and his equipment, but how Mr. Vaughn is a McGeiver of sorts, whereby he actually has the ability to fix things which our prior sewer/water personnel did not have such abilities or expertise.


As you are aware, the equipment which Mr. Vaughn utilizes daily isover 20 years old and no one prior to his hire seems to have done anything to take care of the equipment..  Currently he said things are “rolling good”.  He has handled the check valve where the bail drops and the water comes out and he had to rebuild all four valves.  It will cost $1,080 to rebuild a pump. Currently Mr. Vaughn is looking for some form of grant to assist with the equipment for which nothing mechanical has been done in 20 years.


Mr. Vaughn provided Attorney Joel F. Foreman with a Tour of all of the Town’s facilities to determine what the Town had for surplus. The Town has been storing various antiques, old office equipment, antique equipment and many other which may have been donations which have no value whatsoever.  There is also a generator for which the Town could get some money and even if it is not new, someone could probably use it.  The weather causes corrosion and items like that which are sitting out just lose value.


The February 23rd Special Meeting and Workshop will discuss the Real and Personal Property of the Town.

Our thanks to Ray Vaughn for his ability to handle many of the mechanical problems he incurs with old equipment and for taking an interest in our Town and knowing where all the bones are buried.

Karin for the blog