You voted for them, now deal with the consequences – No longer is America first

The Media and the Democrats, including the FBI, did not give President Trump a chance and they certainly did not state his many accomplishments to assist the Citizens of the United States in making America First.  Instead many of you believed the Media who basically picked on Trump’s personality and you decided he was a bad person in spite of his fighting for you.  As a result you decided to vote against Trump not even knowing how radical the Biden/Harris Administration would be.  I listened to so many women especially who never looked at policy (well Joe Biden never stated his policies except that he was going to raise taxes) and obviously did not understand the good Trump did.

Well enjoy the downslide of the economy, changing our monetary situation to Bitcoin, going into the Technology fields and leaving many of our citizens behind while working with Silicon Valley.  After all, per Kerry, you need to get jobs manufacturing solar energy panels and put aside your expertise in welding and in other fields.  Let’s build lots of windmills and kill all the birds.  And let’s face it, that solar energy you place on your house or back yard, will require a whole new investment in a period of ten years; technically it will be far more expensive than our country being energy efficient with coal and fossil fuels. 

 Thank you Ladies, especially, for showing your true gender and for feeling you are so pious and that President Trump was a bad man because he stated facts as they were and was a counter puncher.  You haven’t the brains apparently to understand policy and to do research.  You have always been a cupcake and wish to be treated as one without a brain of your own. God help us all in the next four years and possibly beyond.   You had a chance with President Trump but you gave it up for radicals who are globalists and really don’t care about America.  You have put in the Democratic Party in power, the Party of Slavery and Lies which has done nothing for you no matter what they say.  Apparently you wish Communism and Socialism in your world.

Karin for the blog

  • President Joe Biden signed an order Monday reversing a Pentagon policy that largely barred transgender individuals from joining the military. The new order overturns a ban ordered by President Donald Trump in a tweet during his first year in office. (We will now pay more for health care for the various operations and drugs required by transgenders)


  • President Joe Biden began rolling back anti-abortion measures put in place by the Trump administration and moved to shore up the Affordable Care Act after four years of efforts to dismantle one of Biden’s top legislative accomplishments as vice president. (People could not afford the Affordable Care Act Insurance and President Trump sought medical care through completion. Why should everyone pay for someone’s abortions.   Why do we feel it is right to kill fetuses.)

  • Biden also issued a presidential memorandum reversing the Mexico City policy, also referred to as the global gag rule, which bars U.S. tax dollars from going to international organizations that provide abortion services, and directed the Department of Health and Human Services to reconsider policies put in place that limit funding for groups in the U.S. that provide abortion and family planning services.

  • Biden signed an order requiring masks and social distancing on federal property, followed by an order to provide support to underserved communities.

  • Biden also has stopped all fuel exploration on Federal Lands.  He is killing the energy sector so that we have to depend on foreign fuels. Biden also does not care about miners or other 

  • As part of the third order Biden rejoined the Paris Agreement on climate change, a treaty the United States formally exited in November after Trump withdrew in 2017. During Trumps Term the United States had less emissions than any place in the world. The Paris Agreement loves the U.S .Money but does nothing  in comparison to the U.S. This was and is a loser but Biden is a globalist and cares less about the United States.

  • Biden has ended construction of Trump’s signature wall on the U.S.-Mexican border by proclaiming the “immediate termination” of the national emergency declaration Trump used to fund it. Where Trump kept us safe, Biden will be allowing in the flow of immigrants who ultimately will lower wages and we again will have to worry about international terrorists. The Boarder Patrol was happy with what Trump did to protect America and they know everything will now be difficult for them.  Some States are starting suits against the Federal Government because they wish the Federal Immigration laws abided by whereas Biden feels he can change law by executive order.

  • He also rejoined the World Health Organization, which Trump abandoned in July. The reason Trump abandoned it is because they virtually lied to us about the effects of Corona Virus. They knew it could spread but the World Health Organization works for and has protected China and after all Biden’s Son managed a tremendous amount of Money from China as well as the Ukraine by using his dad’s position as Vice President to Obama.

  • Biden also took executive action to reverse Trump’s ban on travel from predominantly Muslim countries. The Democrats lied that it was a Muslim ban when Trump issued the order. Yet, the countries which were banned did not provide the necessary security of who was allowed in our country and Trump saved us from international terrorists.  I now fear for our country and the people.

  • Biden canceled the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline to move oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, rescinding Trump’s approval of a project long criticized by environmentalists. Unlike companies who elect to change to another project, they ease into it.  However Biden stopped the Keystone XL pipeline with a stroke of a pen leaving 11,000 people out of work with high paying jobs for which they had expert training.  Kerry felt they should have made better choices in their lives for jobs and this Administration obviously does not care about the blue collar workers.  Furthermore, we again will have to depend on foreign fossil fuels whereas we were energy independent during Trumps term as President.

  • Biden signed an order launching a government-wide initiative directing every federal agency to review its state of racial equity and deliver an action plan within 200 days to address any disparities in policies and programs. Biden and the Democratic Party have never done anything to assist the races or racial divide.  Trump did more for those of color especially African Americans than any other president in the history of the United States. Obama started racial wars which were not noted before his administration.  The country has remained a divide because of the lies of the Media.  I frankly do not know how Trump managed to place America first when he had Democrats fighting him every step of the way.  Usually when a new president comes in the former presidents do not meddle but that changed with President Obama.  Godspeed Donald Trump.  You did well for our country and the Radical Democrats under Biden and Harris will now begin to ruin America.

  • Rescinding Trump’s 1776 Commission-winning collection that focused on America’s history with slavery. , a panel Trump established as a response to the New York Times’ 1619 Project, a Pulitzer Prize     The Democrats do not wish for anyone to know the truth about Slavery, because it has been mostly democrats who have been in the slave trade. The Republicans assisted the slaves and 30% of Republicans died protecting the slaves.

  • Revoking Trump’s plan to exclude noncitizens from the census. The Democrats have paid more money out to illegal immigrants including Muslims, many of whom did not secure jobs nor do they wish to conform to citizenry of the United States. More money has been paid to immigrants under the Obama Administration, who are illegal than our own people in the United States or our military.

  • Prohibiting workplace discrimination in the federal government based on sexual orientation and gender identity and directing federal agencies to ensure protections for LGBTQ people are included in anti-discrimination statutes.  President Trump did much for the LGBTQ .

  • Creating a COVID-19 response coordinator who will report directly to the president. Biden has only followed what President Trumps Programs provided and Biden is doing far worse than Trump.

  • Revoking Trump’s 2017 Interior Enforcement Executive Order, which broadened the categoriesof undocumented immigrants subject for removal, restarted the Secure Communities program and supported the federal 287(g) deportation program. Citizens  and especially those in boarder areas, are not happy and there is concern that it will hurt the safety and security of our citizens to allow them to remain after murders, rapes and the like.

  • Biden promised to introduce an immigration bill“immediately” upon taking office. It will include an eight-year pathway to citizenship for immigrants living in the USA without legal status, an expansion of refugee admissions and the use of new technology to patrol the border.  We now have caravans coming to the U.S. because Biden is weak on immigration and he feels he does not have to follow Federal Laws.  Not only will it lower wages but jobs will be taken away from Citizens who need the work.

  • The historic deal signed by Obama in 2015 includes almost 200 nations in agreement to combat climate change. Although mostly nonbinding, the Paris Agreement requires countries to set voluntary targets for reducing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. Nations have to accurately report on their efforts. Rejoining would mean the United States would again provide funding to developing countries for its climate change efforts. President Trump had an America First program. Why should we provide funding to other countries which in many cases do not appreciate the United States.  There no longer is an America first.

McConnell on Thursday scoffed that Biden in his first week in the White House “signed more than 30 unilateral actions and working Americans are getting short shrift.” He similarly criticized Obama for “imposing his will unilaterally” through executive orders and memoranda.

But McConnell was far more understanding of Trump’s decision to use executive orders to get around Congress at various points in the Republican’s presidency.

For example, in August, after coronavirus relief negotiations collapsed, Trump signed a series of executive orders that called for deferring payroll taxes for Americans earning less than $100,000 per year, pausing student loan payments, continuing eviction moratoriums and extending, albeit smaller, enhanced unemployment benefits that had expired.

“Since Democrats have sabotaged backroom talks with absurd demands that would not help working people, I support President Trump exploring his options to get unemployment benefits and other relief to the people who need them the most,” McConnell said.