Veterinary service on wheels denied a license

We heard an interesting rumor that Doc Huston of the Houston Veterinary Clinic at 910 US Highway 41 NW in Jasper has decided again to drum up business in White Springs.Only this time, instead of being established in a building, now operated by Rooster, he has purchased a van for what may be a portable mobile clinic.



We also heard that Doc Huston was denied a business license for operating his mobile Veterinary service in Town, but the true story is Doc Huston did not bring in his veterinarian credentials at the time he applied for the license.


Now I am not originally from this area, so when we brought our former dog “Lump” to Doc Huston, it appeared to me that a visit to this veterinarian was total chaos.Dogs, cats everywhere for the one day in which Doc Huston graced us with his presence. In fact, if you did not muzzle your pet and hold them tightly by the reigns, there may be an insurrection of sorts.


The parking lot was full and there was a line outside as well.It seemed as though no time was hardly spent with any of the pets he doctored.It was like the dogs and cats were on some type of Medicare Advantage program (see the patient for less than eight minutes prescribed and send them out the door). 


I can assure you from what we alone paid for Doc Huston’s services, in comparison to what we pay now, the prices were so much higher than what we pay for in Wellborn at the All Springs veterinarian Clinic and latter hospital/clinic takes the time to make your pet feel as though they are the most important patients to receive treatments.



When Doc Huston abandoned White Springs retaining his practice in Jasper, we abandoned him as well.In fact when Lump died and Dino became a member of our family, we immediately went to All Springs Veterinary Hospital in Wellborn . All Springs Veterinary Hospital is an animal hospital and primary care veterinarian clinic servicing pet owners in the area.Their staff is amazing and they are fantastic when one needs to board your pet as well.It is not chaotic and we love this hospital/clinic, their doctors and staff.



Who is a good veterinarian appears to be in the eyes of the beholder. And if you have not been to other such clinics, you would have considered the Huston clinic the best. The website cites people from the area stating  that Doc Huston is the best Vet in North Florida but in looking at the various clinics in the area, others may not totally agree.



As for this writer, this is solely my opinion.I don’t miss the chaos and I can’t imagine how a smaller mobile facility will be any less chaotic and frankly, I prefer a building to a mobile unit.This isn’t concierge medicine but treatment on wheels in yet a smaller space.


Karin Griffin for the blog