Transmittal Letter from Dale Williams Consulting

Dale Williams of Dale Williams Consulting, P.A. at the request of former Town Mayor Helen Miller addressed the goals identified which came directly from his interviews with members of the Council and interested parties with the exception of one, which was addressed  to our new interim Town Manager, Ms. Vanessa George.. 

The one goal that did not come from his conversations was the economic development project which he was contacted about after the October 13, 2020 meeting he had attended.  Mr. Williams advised the Project Manager to seek confidentiality as provided for by Florida law from both the Town of White Springs and Hamilton County.   He further stated the Town Council and key Town personnel will be advised of the project at the appropriate time.

He stated the goals were of no particular order of importance and are realistic with respect to known issues and concerns.  He further stated they have merit whether the Town chooses to use Mr. William’s services or not.

With the goals, Mr. Williams attached a draft “Consulting Services Agreement” for the Town’s review, which is similar to the agreement he had with the Town of Fort White.  His normal hourly consulting fee is $100-$125 an hour to perform certain tasks.  His discounted offer to the Town of White Springs is $49 hourly, which is the same rate that had been offered to the Town of Fort White.

Mr. Williams reminded the Town that he still works on  a part-time basis for Lake Shore Hospital Authority and has an ongoing obligation to the Town of Fort White.. 

His letter to Ms. George was dated December 30, 2020, and any decisions made thereof will be determined by the White Springs Town Council. (Goals will be provided on a separate blog article)