To end the Flack

We need to end the talk that there was no type of proposal by Joel F. Foreman, esquire with the Town of White Springs.  This attorney is by the book and here is his letter of Engagement for Legal Services:



“December 18,  2020

Vanessa George

Interim Town Manager

Town of White Springs

via email:

Re:  Engagement of Legal Services, Interim Town Attorney


Dear Ms. George:

Thank you for your phone call expressing the Town of White Springs’ interest in engaging my services.  As I understand the Town’s circumstances, the Council has recently decided to engage a new Town Attorney and you and the Council wish to engage an attorney to serve the Town on an interim basis until you select a new attorney through a competitive RFP process.  You have inquired whether I would be willing to serve the Town in this interim capacity.  As we discussed, it will be my pleasure to assist the Town on the following terms and conditions.  I also want to make clear that this engagement proposal contemplates an interim engagement only.  Permanent engagement under a contract with a longer term would open up terms more favorable to the Town.


I propose to provide, on an interim basis and until such time as new Town Attorney is selected, day-to-day legal services to the Town.  These services will include but are not limited to rendering legal analysis and opinions, reviewing and preparing contracts and other legally significant documents, telephonic consultation, email communications, in-person attendance at all meetings of the Town Council in White Springs and otherwise filling the customary roles and responsibilities of the Town Attorney.  I will be available to you and the Town Council for guidance on governance and parliamentary issues.  I may appear for the Town in court from time to time as requested in simple litigation matters.  This agreement shall not include services in complex litigation matters or matters in which counsel is provided by the Town’s Insurer, except I may provide supplemental counsel or support at the Town’s specific request.


My attorney’s fee shall be $300 per hour, rounded to the nearest one-fifth (0.2) hour.


Additionally, the Town will be responsible for all costs incurred on its behalf in connection with my work under this agreement.  These costs include thos incurred specifically for the Town such as photocopying, travel, research and similar costs that are integral to providing service to the Town.


The firm will bill the Town on a monthly basis.  Payment shall be due upon receipt of our statement.  Any unpaid balance that remains outstanding thirty days after the date of our statement for services will accrue interest at an annual rate of ten percent (10%) on the unpaid balance.


If this letter accurately reflects our understanding and meets with the approval of the Board of Directors, I request that you sign the original and return it to my office along with the initial retainer fee of $1,000.  A copy of this letter is enclosed for your records and information.  Unless and until we receive the signed copy of the letter, along with the full initial retainer, we may elect not to undertake any work on your behalf.


This agreement shall be effective for twelve months and shall renew each year unless either party gives the other 60 days’ notice of non-renewal, in writing.  Either party may terminate this agreement with or without cause in providing the other with 60 days notice in writing.

I look forward to continuing to work with you, the Board and the Bank as a whole.  Please do not hesitate to give me a call at any time should you have any comments or questions about my representation


Joel F. Foreman

The Law Office of Joel F. Foreman PLLC  “


Our special thanks to Ms. George for providing us with her file