The December 14, 2020 Manager’s Report by Vanessa George

Since we have eliminated our previous meeting articles with our revised blog provider, I felt many of you would appreciate Ms. Vanessa George’s Manager’s Report.  Remember this precedes the current report of January 2021.

Curt’s Construction The town currently is in debt to Curt’s Construction in the amount of $235,358.48.  On July 7th, a payment of $75,000 was made towards invoice/pay application No. 1 that totaled $168,547.91.  I asked if Mittauer, Curt Construction, and DOT would accept the $75,000 as a full payment so it can be returned to the town.  All parties agreed and the payment request was processed for reimbursement.  When the $75,000 is returned, the town will pay the remaining balance of the first invoice in the amount of $98,547.91, leaving a remaining balance of $141,802.52 (pay application No. 2 $110,265.82 and pay application No. 3 $30,535.70 owed to Curt’s Construction. (financial attachments were attached to Ms. George’s report)

Mittauer & Associates, Art Walker Construction and Sewer rehabilitation Project Payments to both Art Walker ($445,458.22) and Mittauer ($36,785.00)  are past due, totalling $482,253.22.  Verification of previous payouts in the amount of $3,000 and $84,632.13 were needed for them to get paid..  (Attachments were provided)

BillsI requested a copy of the bills that were due and past due which totaled over $70,000. In “December we paid out checks totaling $17,364.13 out of the enterprise account and $14,795.62 out of the general account.  We currently still owe over $75,000 iin past due bills.  After going over the accounts and bills due with the accountant, $18,578.71 was paid out of the general account and $10,445.61 was paid out of the enterprise account. (attachments provided)

J & S Accounting Duties It is my suggestion that our current accounting firm take over all bookkeeping accounts receivable and accounts payable.  I have attached a copy of all the services they will provide each month for a flat rate of $2,100 in addition to the $1,787.50.  it is suggested that we try this for six (6) months then reassess.  With this agreement we will have a full staff at our disposal to handle the town’s business instead of depending on an individual (attachments provided)


To pay for the additional expense, the money budgeted for a bookkeeper could be used.  A full-time bookkeeper costs the town $52,418.05, that’s salary plus benefits and a part-time bookkeeper cost.


First Federal – a loan application/line of credit was applied for in the original amount of $350,000 to cover grant upfront payments for construction cost.  This amount is necessary to cover all of an existing past due balance of $295,350.46 and any future grants theey may overlap.  It is my suggestion that we create a separate account for this money.

Status of loan.  It has been assigned to the credit department and should have a final list of questions or information needed by Friday.  The 2019 audit not being finalized may also keep the application in a pending status.


Credit cards.  There are several credit cards out which were cancelled.


Bank Accounts.  Money that is restricted should be separated to ensure that money is spent properly.


Suggested changes at Town Hall

  •  Town Hall hours  8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday – Thursday
  • Closed 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm for lunch
  • One Friday out of the month will be held for Staff meeting


CARES ActLast month, on separate occasions, I met with Louie Goodin, Henry Land and our Commissioner Randy Ogburn to inquire about the CARES Acts for Towns.  Phase 1 & 2 has expired earlier this year, but White Springs was able to apply for the $50,000 in phase 3.


Fire Department – I met with Henry Land to get a better understanding of the quarterly grant for the Fire Department and why they are not receiving the full amount of $7,500.  It was explained to me that the base pay is $2,500 and the remaining $5,000 is based on performance.  According to Henry Land and the supporting documents, the fire department completed 12 out of 25 reports, which is 48%.  This is why they were awarded $4,900 for the quarter.


According to the account, there are two grants in the budget to cover the $12,000 expense/bills accumulated by the Fire Department.


Police Department – In order to increase our salary to a competitive rate, there must be some changes in coverage and/or the number of officers on duty.  If the town has full coverage, then the pay could not exceed the following

  • Lt. Full-time – $17.00
  • Full-time officer – $15.00
  • 2 Part-time officers – $15.00

If the town reduces coverage by 18 hours per week, then we can raise the pay to the following:

  • Lt. Full-time – $18.00
  • Full-time officer – $16.50
  • 2 Part-time officers – $16.50 (can do no more than two 12 hour shifts per week)

Waste Pro – there was an increase in cost to the Town for Waste-Pro services.  In September of this year, the council voted to pass this increase onto the consumer but an ordinance was never passed.


We are charging less for dumpsters than we are paying.  The accountant suggested that we increase the amount to at least $5.00 over what we are paying.  (attachments provided).


Projected income for 2020-2021 General Funds $4,625.12

Enterprise $7,163.30



To pay for the additional expense, the money budgeted for a bookkeeper could be used.  A full time bookkeeper costs the town $52,413.05. That