And the Accoutrements and Chili provided by our Town Manager Vanessa George, our Council Members Nikki, Jacqueline and Anita, and others who donated food or served the people.

Vice Mayor Anita Rivers received so many telephone calls and praises for the amazing parade and I know from what I have heard, that she worked very hard to make certain we had various participants and floats in our parade.  For most of us who have been confined with no activities in White Springs, this was an amazing event and so many handled the cold weather in order to view the parade; especially the children who look forward to Santa and the candy given by those in vehicles and floats.

It also may be mentioned that everyone worked together as friends.  Everyone was so thankful for even the smallest of items or help. There were helpers to carry containers with food so contributors would not have to carry it over to the food stand.

 In working with the old guard, I remember during one of the hurricane events, I had a huge roaster of Mac and Cheese as well as chairs.  The Mayor’s husband looked at me but would not assist me in any way, although he had tables and tents up.  In fact he put up tape to keep vehicles out of the area so that I had to walk farther.  I set up all the chairs by myself and helped serve the people.  When the event was over, it started to rain. The only person who came to my aid was Madeline Moore in spite of her then health problems and I shall never forget her kindness.  She helped me retrieve all the chairs and helped pack the van. Yes a bottle of wine or brownies are always given but just a  heart filled  “Thank you “   and recognition by assisting those who contribute, like the Girls of the New Guard provide would have been so much better. These lovely ladies do not EXPECT one to do things for them but are appreciative of those who do and show it.