I am certain all of you will recall the brouhaha at Town Hall after Tommie A Jerome Jones resigned at Town Hall.  Because there are cameras which can be seen remotely, computers for which Jones could work on remotely etc., Nicole Williams confronted Helen Miller and her husband Ed who had a hammer in hand to break the security mechanism of Jones’ former office key pad.  In any event, it was recorded on Nicole William’s facebook.

Well it did not end there and I believe we needed to protect the Town from any possible remote changes. 

Tommie Jones placed Shonda Werts in charge.  She initially kept track of all of the hours in which she worked from the time TOMMIE JONES ASSIGNED HER AS MANAGER. 

At the initial meeting after Tommie’s resignation, she couldn’t understand why she was being removed as Town Manager and placed back to her part-time position as Code Enforcement officer for which she earns something like $6000 a year.  The Town had paid for her schooling for the general course but not all of the required coursework was done nor paid for by the Town.  Ms. Werts did not have the required education nor did Jones but many of those who were present at the meeting explained why she could not remain as Town Manager. This was because of no prior formal education or any experience which would be deemed equivalent to education.  Her abilities would not even fit within other areas of Town Hall.

We also have found out that Ms. Werts being a close friend of Stacy Tebo contacted Ms. Tebo frequently to assist her in her new “town manager” position assigned by Tommie Jones.

Although the Council agreed to pay Ms. Werts her Code Enforcement hourly salary including overtime, Ms. Werts is not satisfied and believes that she should have received the $25 an hour that Tommie Jones received as a Town manager.

There is only one real response:  The charter states “The Town Council by a majority vote of its total membership shall appoint a Town Manager, with the Town Manager and Town Council entering into a mutually acceptable written agreement for the services of the Town Manager.”

1.  The Town Council did not appoint Ms. Werts, Tommie Jones as the former manager appointed her, for which he had no right..

2.  There was no contract between Ms. Werts and the Town Council of White Springs.

Aside from that, Ms. Werts definitely did not have the education or qualifications required of a Town Manager and if she was dissatisfied with Mr. Jones appointment, she should have gone before the council in advance and discussed the issue and have been assured that she was accepted by the council.

Instead Tommie Jerome Jones usurped his authority by hiring Ms. Werts as his replacement, giving Ms. Werts confidential material for which she would not release to anyone (pass codes, etc) for some time.  Helen Miller subsequently resigned as did Tom Moore as of October 31, 2000.   And Ms. Rivers, Jacqueline Williams and Nicole Williams never appointed Ms. Werts.

Ms. Werts may not even be qualified for the job she has since she has violated her position by trespassing on properties or going into houses uninvited.  And her situation with Sammy Dye was a travesty…electricity being more dangerous than raw fuel in a generator.  Really, where is the logic?