Mike Williams

The Manager of Government and Industry Affairs at Nutrien of White Springs Florida Mike Williams has always assisted the Town of White Springs as well as other communities in the tri-county area.

Potash Corporation has hired many of our residents throughout the years and has provided such donation to White Springs causes such as $13,000 for asbestos removal from the Washington Carver School as well as money to assist the Childrens programs in White Springs.

Recently Nutrien has come to the aid of the White Springs Fire Rescue.  The Town was in need of a new fire engine.  And although the fire department felt they could pay for the engine under the Hamilton County Fire Agreement, White Springs entered into, problems arose.   Mike Williams then came to the rescue and provided $20,000 through Nutrien so that the down payment could be made and additional equipment could be secured for the engine.  Unfortunately because of our Manager not allocating the money as required, the entire $20,000 was paid under the loan agreement leaving the Fire Department to again barter for what was needed.

This did not stop Mike Williams from his ability through Nutrien to assist our community, he then provided another $10,000 toward the fire engine while White Springs is in transition of getting their finances in order.

Mr. Williams has always had his heart in our community and has assisted our citizens greatly through his support to Nutrien as well as helping others individually.

We must give our thanks and homage to a Man who has done so much for White Springs and our thanks to Nutrien for its assistance of our community for which we shall forever be grateful.

Before Nutrien, a Canadian Corporation  took over Potash Corp, Mr. Williams was the Government and Public Affairs Manager and has been with our local potash mining company for almost fifteen years.

Mr. Williams was also a professional Soldier for the US Army having served 32 years and 10 months.  He has been the speaker at the White Springs Veterans Day services and during his career as a soldier had taken on world-wide assignments as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in a variety of leadership positions.

Although at one time living within the Town of White Springs Mr. Williams was on the White Springs Town Council as well as the County Manager of the Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners

Mr. Williams has a Masters in Public Administration to Valdosta State University and received National Honors and was an Outstanding Graduate in Public Administration. Mr. Williams also has a teachers certification in Biological Science with a minor in earth science.

He has also been the chair of the executive Board for Florida Gateway College Foundation. He has been a member of the Manufacturing Association of Florida.

White Springs Residents when you see Mr. Williams take the opportunity to thank him for his service and for what he has accomplished for White Springs.