My Moderma Shot gave me many of the Coronavirus symptoms and More


I am 73 and after having my Moderna COVID‑19 Vaccine, it appears that within possibly twelve hours I had various symptoms of having COVID 19.


For Two days, I could not walk.  My Toes and Feet were inflamed so badly that I could not walk.  I had saved some pain pills from my prior surgery two years ago of which I took one for each of the two days so that I could at least use a walker.  I am good at handling pain but this pain was abnormally “acute” and intolerable.


After the pain subsided, I found that my toes on both feet had a rash of some sort of which I treated with alcohol which burned immensely.  But then I researched the matter and found that what I had was what they describe as COVID Toe.   It seemed as though anything in my foot that I had damaged in my lifetime other than my toes  which had not previously been damaged seemed to have awakened to a mild pain as well.


Dr. Gonzalez says “COVID toes” has been found among people of all ages, though many of the cases have been among children and young adults. Doctors believe that may be because younger people typically mount more aggressive immune responses to a virus or other infection.

Doctors say this type of inflammation in “COVID toes” can be caused by the inflammation caused from the immune response to the virus, by an inflammation in blood vessels, or by clotting in blood vessels, or even by a combination of these, but there is not yet a definitive answer.

Dermatologist explains if 'COVID toes,' skin rashes are symptoms tied to virus infection | WKRC

I have always had a great immune system so if my Shot gave me coronavirus, which I believe it did,  my immune system was definitely working overtime with the pain I sustained.


Then there were the other results of COVID which have manifested and some departed within a week or two but I still have COVID Toe, and heart palpitations which I do not believe were associated with the heart attacks I had previously which tests had shown no damage.


It’s worth mentioning that some people have experienced heart issues after contracting the virus. One small study of 100 people who recovered from COVID-19 that was published in JAMA Cardiology did MRIs on former patients and found that 78% had some kind of abnormal heart finding, independent of any pre-existing conditions. This also didn’t seem to be linked to severity of illness, the researchers found. That could show up in a lot of different ways, including random heart palpitations, Dr. Schaffner says, but it could also be unnoticeable.


Of course, there are plenty of other complications that experts may not even know about yet. If you’ve been feeling off and your symptoms are persistent, Dr. Schaffner says it’s a good idea to get checked out by your doctor, whether you think it’s related to COVID-19 or not.

It was stated that many of us may have had the virus and not known about it. But are those who have received the Vaccine to suffer the symptoms of COVID?


“As the weeks progress, it’s become evident that this is a virus that was widespread throughout our country, particularly in more populated areas, sooner than we thought,” says William Schaffner, M.D., an infectious disease specialist and professor at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.


So, could you have had COVID-19 without realizing it? It’s possible. “Most people who have coronavirus have an uncomplicated case of infection, and it could be indistinguishable from the cold or influenza,” explains infectious disease expert Amesh A. Adalja, M.D., senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. Plus, some people have no symptoms at all—up to 40% of infections, according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


It can be tough to distinguish a cold from a mild form of COVID-19 without a test, depending on which symptoms you experience, he says, but colds don’t typically cause shortness of breath, severe headaches, or gastrointestinal symptoms like COVID-19 can.


Here’s the full list of the CDC’s official symptoms of which I also received many of these symptoms after my Moderma Shot:


  • Fever or chills (After the shot not even an electric blanket and two weighted blankets could keep me warm. This was for two days but the first day was the worst.


  • Cough – I always had a cough because of the accident I had but the cough I had for at least two weeks was really tough and it was dry, not like a cough from a cold…of which I haven’t suffered a cold for years.

A lingering cough is another symptom that people who participated in the JAMA study reported. The cough is often dry, meaning that nothing comes up, like like phlegm or mucus, Dr. Adalja says. This is fairly common: Data from the CDC found that 43% of people who had COVID-19 still had a cough 14 to 21 days after getting a positive test for the virus.



  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing – I found that if I had to run up steps, I really had a shortness of breath or if I carried such Items back and forth from the car such as groceries.


  • Fatigue – I have not ever slept a lot – eight hours was the max but I wanted to sleep 12 hours or more which didn’t make sense.

Research published in the journal JAMA has found that people with COVID-19 can have after-effects of the virus, including shortness of breath. It’s not entirely clear why at this point or how long this can last, but it’s likely due to lasting inflammation in the lungs.

That study found that 53% of patients said they were struggling with fatigue around 60 days after they first showed signs of the virus.



  • Muscle or body aches – besides COVID Toe, other muscles in my body ached. This lasted for at least two weeks.  It seemed as though areas where there may be arthritis were more acute.



  • Headache – Since I have not experienced stress of any kind for years, I have not had headaches for years, but the Shot provided me a mild constant headache for possibly two weeks and thereafter an occasional mild headache.




  • Sore throat – I suffered a sore throat for over a week and I could not get rid of it by gargling with Listerine. So I used the old fashioned remedies, and I gargled with Scotch which burned the heck out of my throat but took away the soreness and it went away.


  • Congestion or runny nose – Used my over the counter allergy meds to get rid of the runny nose which I had usually at night time for at least a couple of weeks.


  • Nausea or vomiting – I did NOT vomit but definitely had Nausea for at least a couple of days.


  • Diarrhea – since this may happen to me normally, I did not know if it was from the Shot that it became worse or if it was normal; but it seems to now be subsiding and not as radical as it was after the shot.


Although I did not experience hair loss, others did.  This hasn’t been widely studied in the context of COVID-19, but many people who have recovered from the virus are reporting issues with hair loss


When Joe took his Moderma Shot, he had no reactions whatsoever.  Most have some pain at the area where the shot is given for a day or two and that is about all Joe incurred.


I am one who has never believed in flu vaccines either and I have never remembered in my lifetime having the flu, nor colds for that matter.  I had one case of pneumonia which I had came from an allergy because of welding and was treated with allergy medication years ago, so it is nice to know that my immune system at my age is still good.


When I lived in Sunny Isles Beach a friend of mine took a flu vaccine and died within 24 hours.  Whether it was the flu shot that caused it or some other reaction, it still led me to believe that some vaccines may not be the best for some people, like myself.  It is hard to determine.

I elected to have the COVID Moderma Shot because I did not wish to infect others and subsequently because so many in my age group died from COVID.  Yet as I feel at this moment, although I will advise the Hamilton County Health Department of my reactions to the Moderma Shot, I do not feel I wish to go through what I did again.  Nor do I wish to possibly go through what most have stated happen with the second shot of a two day fever of 100-104.   

This latter reaction would not bother me; but the thought of not being able to walk for two days or possibly longer with the acute pain I had, is not something I would like to look forward to.   With Joe being physically challenged from his accident, we do not need both of us in this household not being able to do certain things.



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