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to meagan

Meagan as you are aware much of the personal conflict we, the Griffins, have had with you is relating to Tommie Jerome Jones;  First hired as an employee, to have you state he was a consultant at a subsequent meeting.  At the time you will recall I advised you that Jones had to be an employee and brought forth various statements of statute, but you chose to do nothing about the matter.

I believe in the fact that Helen Miller allegedly requested that Jones be a consultant, so he did not have to comply with employment requirements.  Furthermore, I am of the opinion that your practice of law, conflicted with your responsibilities when complying with Miller’s personal requirements. Although there were no laws relating to a consultant being a Town Manager specifically, the fact that no consultant should be in charge of a Town’s funds and decision making practices, especially in a weak mayor-town manager form of government should have given you pause.  Yet it did not, even with subsequent evidence provided, until First Federal removed the line of credit they initially provided because Mr. Jones was not an employee.

Furthermore, your statements relating to the Preuter lawsuit to First Federal through Helen Miller’s letter as well as advising all concerned at a Town Council Meeting that the case was for only $30,000 and FMIT would be paying for it. Have you not read the lawsuit which originally was given to you and the Town? Mr. Preuter’s attorney has requested his legal expenses also be paid.  From what our case was it may be anywhere from $50-70,000  or more in legal expenses alone.  Should you not have advised the Town?

Unknownst as to whether there is some form of Professional Liability for Directors and Officers, that in itself may not cover the loss.  FMIT provides defense under the General Liability but Errors and Omissions are not covered under a general liability policy.  Typically to be provided coverage in the event of an award, an occurrence would have to have happened and under an Error or omissions policy the damages are in the form other than bodily injury or property damage which the General Liability policy provides.

And one of the major exclusions under all Professional Liability Claims-made policies is “any claim based upon or arising out of Wrongful Termination, Discrimination or Sexual Harassment of any employee (which should be provided under an Employment Practices Liability Policy specifically which I do not believe the Town has).  If the Town does not have Employment Practices Liability the Town will be liable personally for any award and the Town does not have the money.  i.e. Employee Benefits Liability is not the same as Employment Practices Liability.

Furthermore, since Tommie Jones was a consultant and if he allegedly contacted David Preuter to return to White Springs to fight the fire, shouldn’t Mr. Jones insurance come to play?  Or was it Councilman (former) Walter McKenzie.   

It is alleged that your own sense of personal honor as an attorney, including the obligations to Helen Miller did not allow you to perform the obligations to the Town’s Citizens as is required of your legal profession.  The rules of professional conduct often prescribe terms for resolving these types of conflicts, but professional discretion on your part was not used.

Your letter to the council explaining why Mr. Jones was a consultant was weak and hedged every facet of the law, in my opinion. In my opinion, your moral judgment was not guided by the basic principles underlying the rules, including your obligation to protect and pursue a client’s LEGITIMATE interests were lacking.

Although I did not agree with Councilwoman Nicole Williams in full, it has been noted that Helen Miller has been favored by you with various telephone conversations, some of which we were aware of, at the time when we actually spoke to each other.  Through Helen Miller, all of her enemies such as Tonja Brown  and Yvonne Bryant were removed, even though each were handling their jobs proficiently to the best of their knowledge.  When Tonja Brown elected to leave the council because you advised her wrongly, for not voting in , what was presented as a “Hearing” when Mayor Miller stated she was following that of the Ethics Hearing, you were wrong.  Therefore your advice to Ms. Brown was wrong because in a hearing she had the right to hold her vote until she had time to read the paperwork..  You further handled the firing of  Ms. Bryant on technicalities since Ms. Bryant did her job for a period of almost three years but I know firsthand, Helen Miller didn’t want Ms. Bryant to work at Town Hall and it appears Tommie Jones with  your assistance did Miller’s bidding.

Now the tides have changed and my last conversation with Helen, in which I blamed Helen Miller for her hiring of Tommie Jones and the fact that he had no experience, finally promulgated an admission from her that Tommie Jones should never have been hired.  But then she stated, “But wouldn’t you believe that a firm like Meagan’s should know enough about employment and law so that they would have advised me that we should not hire Tommie Jones as a consultant”. 

I have to admit that the only way in which you won our civil rights case was that you brought Joe’s medical depression into play.  If you have depression and are baker acted it is because you wish to hurt yourself and not others; but today, similar to when you protected Helen Miller,  who wished us jailed because she could not have Joe as a councilor, and the FBI would not even undertake the matter when Miller’s husband called them, and it was a railroad job, neither of you cared about truth and justice. In fact the case our attorney brought forward was not about what Helen did at the time but because of 119’s being considered frivolous and Miller’s desire to take down our blog.  But you brought everything in it costing both FMIT and us money.  And the Democratic Judge in the Court of Appeals made Joe a bad person for securing 119’s of which in so many years; ten I believe, we had paid for only 500 but the Town of White Springs, like Tommie Jones did not provide us 119’s…and we finally, today received the one Joe requested a year ago. 

In my professional career, I have worked with many top of the line attorneys in MN, NV, ND and some in FL and I never understood why so many had a bad reputation, but moving here to Florida, I have seen the worse of the worst and even you, not having a leg to stand on will “pound on the table” to take away others rights in my opinion.

Karin Griffin
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to Vanessa, arivers, Joe

To each of you as information