Listing of Chattel Property for White Springs


Vanessa George also is working with Ray Vaughn to get an appropriate list of equipment and to determine what we have insured, what we no longer have to insure, and what we need to remove as salvage because it is not being used.

Although it is certain for tax purposes the Town does not depreciate its equipment, what I have noted is that there are no equipment values for some items which were purchased in 2018, 2019 and 2020, so no one has apparently looked at equipment.

It is also noted that former Mayor Miller was looking for the two log splitters which were purchased under a grant for the HOPE program, whereby the Millers cut wood for those who require it in the winter.  At the time, when the two log splitters could not be found in the DeLegal building or at Town Hall, Louie Goodin gave her his wood splitter which he owned personally.  Sammy Dye in the meantime provided the Millers with wood which they split and have for those who require wood, which is situated on their property. However the Town no longer has a HOPE program but Vice Mayor Rivers can advise all concerned as to what she feels we need to do.

Former Mayor Miller had asked Former interim manager/consultant Tommie Jones to sell the excavator which was purchased in 2018 and instead we are to lease one if necessary because it has not been used. However I have looked back at my notes of various meetings and it appears it has not been voted on.  As it is now, in accordance with statutes, it would have to be placed in surplus and bid on with its trailer which are valued in excess of $47,000 in 2018.    If these items are out to bid we may have to state that no bid under a certain value will be acceptable.

Apparently this was discussed at the September 15th budget meeting and this is what I had in my notes:
The $60,000 Excavator and Trailer which was purchased from LOFT fund money during Rhett Bullard’s term as mayor will be sold and Tommie Jones is responsible for securing the sale of this item.  Furthermore it sounded like the Backhoe will also be sold.  The Backhoe is paid for and from Mr. Jone’s comments it looks like we still owe $16,000  on the excavator and trailer.


Vanessa George has placed an abundance of work in straightening out the dealings of the Town and since I do not believe anyone has really dealt with the inventory, she and Mr. Vaughn have their work cut out for them.

In any event, the following is the Chattel property of which there may be additional property to add. 


  • 2003 Ford Blue Crown Victoria Administration
  • 2000 Recycle Trailer (Roads and Streets) – not in use
  • 2000 Ford F-450 Truck (Benji Fry – Street and Road)
  • 2006 Ford Pickup (Curt Johnson – Roads and streets)
  • 2009 Ford Brush fire Truck (WSFR)
  • 2013 Wells Cargo Trailer (WSFR)
  • 2006 Dodge Charger (WSPD)
  • 2017 Ford Explorer (WSFR)
  • 2018 Chevrolet Silverodo (WSFR Fire Chief)
  • 2018 Dodge Charger (WSPD Police Chief)
  • 2019 Ford F150 Crew Cab (Utility Operations – Ray Vaughn)
  • 2005 E-One International 4400 Pumper (WSFR)
  • 2001 John Deer Tractornot in use – also listed below
  • 2008 Cat 416E Backhoe Loader – also listed below
  • Stihl Bower BR550 S#282721012 Street & Roads $340
  • Stihl Chainsaw S#268142363 Street & Roads $340
  • Campbell Hausefield Air Compressor S#L8/10/06-00077 Street and Roads $360
  • Ariens Log Splitter S#05178 Street & Roads (May belong to HOPE program) $1,674
  • 2008 Cat Backhoe no S# $44,900 Street & Roads (duplicate-Listed above)
  • John Deere 5205 Tractor S#PE30290128479 $15,917 Street & Roads (duplicate-listed above)  $15,917
  • Bush Hog S#8061 Street & Roads $ 975
  • ULV Mosquito Sprayer S#89052212 Street & Roads $500
  • Honda GX 240 Mud Pump GX240-242CM3 Street & Roads $1,517
  • 6 x 12 Dump Trailer S# 4Y3U5122735012673 Street & Roads $3,258
  • Plate Compactor S#M4023 Street & Roads $1,917
  • 6 x 10 Utility Trailer with gate S#4Y3U5101865016844 Street & Roads $1,080
  • Stihl FS240 Trimmer S#177466329 Street & Roads $450
  • Stihl F5240 Trimmer S#177466353 Street & Roads $450
  • Stihl BR550 Backpack Blower S#296141356 Street & Roads $355
  • Stihl FC90 Edger S#296068810 Street & Roads $355
  • Stihl FC90 Edger SE296069546 Street & Roads $355
  • Grasshopper 72” Zero Turn Mower (2014) S#6411662 Street & Roads $9,700
  • Husqavarna Telescopic Pole Saw SE140500812 Street & Roads $550
  • Husqavarna Rancher Chainsaw SE20141000077 Street & Roads $410
  • Stihl F5240 Trimmer SE177726356 Street & Roads $450
  • Stihl FS5240 Trimmer S#177460457 Street & Roads $ 450
  • Stihl FS240 Trimmer SE177908093 Street & Roads $450
  • 304-E Mini Excavator S#ME404863 2018 304 Echo II MINI Excavator at $47,871 plus a trailer Street & Road – Did Council vote to sell based upon former Mayor Miller’s request-couldn’t find where it was voted on?
  • Towmaster T-1207 16’ Trailer 2018 S# 4KNTT16291K159436 Street & Roads $11,598
  • Stihll FS240 Trimmer S#177789327 $474
  • Stihl FS240 Trimmer SE 179236960 Street & Roads $474
  • Husqavarna PZ60 Zero turn Mower S#4712805831 Street & Roads 49,120
  • Kobalt Air Compressor S#AS12265 Street & Roads
  • Stihl FS100 Trimmer S#516057798 Street & Roads
  • Stihl FS110 Trimmer S#517080485 Street & Roads
  • Brave Log Splitter S#0796JBJLCEN Street & Roads (May belong to HOPE program)
  • Stihl Edge Trimmer S#516718832 Street & Roads(purchased 2019 – no value?)
  • Stihl Extended Hedge Trimmer S#517972172 Street & Roads
  • Stihl 420 Cut Off Saw S#186003971 Street & Roads
  • Stihl FC90 Edger S#514237075 (purchased 2020 – no value?) Street & Roads
  • Predator 212 cc Mud Pump Street & Roads