Letter from Djuan Graham regarding the Carver School

Re:   Carver School Proposal

October 08, 2020

Ladies and Gentleman,

Thanks for the work you do on behalf of White Springs and its citizens.  I would like to offer a proposal for you to consider regarding the Carver School.  A group of citizens comprised of some former students of Carver are organizing to pursue the restoration of the building to serve as a museum of local history and a resource center for the community.   Please consider the following items.


  1. Working in tandem with “The Group” to secure State and Federal funding for the project.
  2. Leasing the building to “The Group” for no more than $2 per month for 30 years, should that become a viable option
  3. Giving “The Group” first option to purchase the building and property
  4. Granting access to the building and property for structural assessment and waste removal
  5. Assisting “The Group” with documents and giving formal approval related to the rehabilitation of the property and the securing of funding.

I sincerely appreciate your consideration of this proposal and I hope that we can restore the spirit and pride that existed at Carver and revitalize the entire community.  I have spoken with former Carver alums, Reverend Charles Graham and Mr. Robert Thomas, and they are excited that efforts are being made to memorialize their school.  Mr. Thomas will contact former students to assist with the various phases of the project and assist with fundraising and locating photos, documents and other memorabilia related to Carver.





Djuan Graham

(352) 205-3932




footnotes:  At the September 8th meeting, Councilmember Nicole Williams added the Old Washington Carver School to the agenda and introduced Djuan Graham to speak to all those attending in person and on line.  Mr. Graham wishes to to see the Carver School restored.  He and a few business partners would like to restore the carver.  This would provide the history of White Springs by adding a museum.  He would pursue grants, contributions and business groups to try and purchase the building.
Mayor Miller said that the School Board gave the property to White Springs, so we would have to check with the attorney if it is legally feasible to sell.  Right now, the property has not yet been transferred to the Town of White Springs and is currently a part of Hamilton County.