Lawless Congress

Ben Carson News

A lawless Congress is going to hold an unconstitutional Senate impeachment trial and ultimately acquit former President Donald Trump because it has “no jurisdiction,” legal expert Alan Dershowitz predicted on Newsmax TV.

“This is a total mess,” Dershowitz said Monday in a wide-ranging rebuke of an “above the law” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi; opportunistic partisan scholars “abusing their expertise”; Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., as judge and juror; and “bad precedent” of abusing impeachment and disqualification from future office.

“The Senate is not above the law,” Dershowitz said. “It doesn’t have the last word on this. We do have a system of rule of law and government of law, not of a majority of senators.

“This is exactly the nightmare that [founding father Alexander] Hamilton feared.”

Dershowitz began by rejecting Pelosi’s “unconstitutional act” of even bringing a snap article of impeachment against a president leaving office, maintaining she had “placed herself above the law.”

“She is delivering an unconstitutional article of impeachment to the Senate to conduct an unconstitutional trial of a former office holder who can’t be removed from office,” he said.

Dershowitz predicts, using U.S. precedent, the Senate will vote to hold this impeachment trial and then acquit Trump because not enough senators will convict, citing “no jurisdiction in the Senate.”