Kimley-Horn reached out

Kimley-Horn our Planning and Zoning firm reached out to both Allison Megrath and Brian Temple and copied the following response from an email sent from Allison Megrath on both projects, the Town has with them.


” Environmentally-Sensitive Lands (ESA)

Because we initially thought the first task was going to be to adjust maps for the ESA, we spent a lot of time with Tracy Woodard and our internal team working through that only to realize the problem could have been solved through text amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Codes.


We spent a lot of our budget on getting to what we believe will be the most simple solution to the problem.  The request for the additional $2,000 in fees is to cover the costs of getting the ESA situation taken care of as well.

I am aware that Ms. Logan presented it to the Town Council previously but had no direction she could pass on.   Please feel free to discuss this with Tracy Woodard to understand how we go from here (she has an incredible grasp on the issues and has been a Godsend in providing us with the history of the situation.) 

There were a few different ways that it could be approached but the simplest path  forward relates to the removal of the 10-acre minimum on ESA lands cited in both the Comprehensive Plan and the Land Development Code.

Please note – this is separate and aside from the much larger mapping issue that the Town has.  We are not currently under contract with the Town to help to reconcile the entire future Land Use Map. “


Community Center

As Brian Mentioned earlier today when you spoke, without the extension from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity for the CDBGrant, the Town received, there is not anything to do related to the Community Center.  Once the Town knows that the extension can and has been approved, we can work to move it through the approval process.”


Vanessa George will follow-up with Brian Temple after her meeting on the Community Center on the direc tion the Town will take as far as moving forward or discontinuing with the project.  Again all parties will meet today, Wednesday January 13th, at the law office of Joel Foreman to discuss this issue.