Is Tracy Woodard retiring from the Library?

The rumor about town is that Tracy Woodard, the Branch Manager of the White Springs Public Library (affiliated with Suwannee River Regional Library System) is considering retiring. With the number of years she has been involved with the Library system, and her expertise as a Librarian and Public Speaker, it will definitely seem like a  void to the White Springs Public.


Mrs. Woodard is the Chair of the White Springs Planning and Zoning Committee and a Godsend because of her historical knowledge of almost everything imaginable about White Springs.  Because of her in depth knowledge of historical data about the Town of White Springs, she has researched/authored/written  a book entitled “The Documented History of White Springs, Florida” which may be purchased at local businesses or on line.


If the rumor is true, we hope that Mrs. Woodard will still share her expertise with the committees and citizens of White Springs and while serving in her many civic activities.  


As an afterthought:

Throughout the years, the only suggestions I have heard from families is the fact that the Library is ONLY open to the public Monday through Friday with hours 10:00 am-5:30 pm with a one hour lunch where the Library is closed from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.


We are a small Town of some 769 people and it may be difficult for the Library to secure additional staffing whether paid or volunteers.  Yet there are many families and students who would love to do research or secure books or materials after their school or work hours, including the use of computers.  Sadly with the Library being closed, early, the grounds include vagrants and drug deals for which our WSPD do not or wish not to have a handle on.  To accommodate working families and students, this would mean the Library would have to be open after 5:30 pm or at least on Saturdays.


Perhaps some day in the future the White Springs Library may be able expand their hours to facilitate the needs of these families and students so that families will not have to travel to the Lake City Library.


Our best of Wishes to Mrs. Woodard if the rumor mill is true, and we at the blog wish you a very happy and prosperous retirement.