Interesting facts about the Water Treatment and Wastewater Plant Operations

I have learned some interesting facts about the Water Treatment and Wastewater Plant Operations.


Before Rhett Bullard became Mayor replacing Helen Miller, we had received information that our 20 year old lift stations were failing. And it may have been the cost but the town opted for the lesser quote covering the sewer lines rather than the Lift Stations. The sad part is that Mr. Davis gave the Town a run-down on the equipment and there was no consideration.  At least Manager Ms. George, went to the plant to see how and why and what the flow meter does, when it was installed.  


Today, the Lift Stations operate on one pump only and they have to get someone from Jacksonville to repair these stations if they go down and fill up.


Ray Vaughn is the first Sewer and Water Plant Operator and Supervisor who has ever had mechanical knowledge expertise.  Robert Townsend and Andrew Greene were essentially paper pushers and couldn’t fix anything if their lives depended upon it.  Therefore when there was a problem, Harry Davis was contacted to make the fix.  What I have also  found out is that Mr. Davis receives a good salary for one hour a day, but many times he works numerous hours but is paid for one.


Because Robert Townsend and Andrew Greene knew nothing about the mechanics of the equipment in either plant, so they had no idea that they were allowing the equipment to deteriorate and that in the long run has cost the town far more money than if equipment was readily maintained, as Ray Vaughn and Harry Davis are doing. Previously parts of some of the equipment were missing and everything was jerry rigged


When Stacy Tebo was manager, she would not allow Mr. Davis to come in to Train Andrew Greene unless there was a problem.  However, we have learned that the 2080 hours required training under a professional like Mr. Davis, was fixed and others signed off on Andrew Greene’s hours so he did not have to train under the stringent requirements. He, however was a favorite employee of Rhett Bullard and Robert Townsend, much less the Staff.


It is also difficult that small Towns must train identically to large Municipalities who have a large staff working in a plant.  Nevertheless, Ray Vaughn does not have to cheat like his predecessors and has much more knowledge and dedication than they had.


In any event we are so lucky that Ray Vaughn works for the Town of White Springs in his various capacities, because he is the only one who has mechanical knowledge and will attempt to fix something.


So Citizens of White Springs, we currently are putting bandaids on our Lift Stations and in time this will be another cost to the Town for which repairs will be required.