I believe Thomas Brazil Junior wrote this Comment about his mother and the Blog.

“Look my mother does not work for the town anymore so please keep her name out of your mouth and your blog. You keep trying to blame her for the town’s problem but she was kind enough to step up an try to help when no one else in this town would. So do me a favor an leave her out of your blog an any of your BS conversation you have. Thank you respectfully.”

Thanks for the Comment.

When your mother was a town employee she was a public official and as such left herself as a Public Official open to comment about her job performance. I believe her performance was dismal especially in production of Florida Statute 119 Requests.

Venessa found the documents ON OUR COMPUTER in a matter of hours. It took Mrs. Brazil, as the Public Records custodian all of her time, limited as it may have been, and the JOKE of her boss, Tommie Jerome Jones, more than a year to find the documents WHICH THEY NEVER DID even though they were on OUR computer. This is the same Tommie Jerome Jones that your father chastised me me for complaining early on about Mr. Jones and then your mother’s lackadaisical compliance with laws and the town Charter. While she didn’t last long, having quit twice, the method that she handled town funds and paperwork left a lot to be desired. As a town clerk and as the chief financial officer of the town her performance grossly lacked simple financial knowledge and compliance with state laws and the town Charter.

Said clearly so that you, and my readers, can understand I BELIEVE YOUR MOTHER WAS A FRAUD saying stuff about her past that has proven to be falsehoods.

As to another not “stepping up to the plate” Karin volunteered and was told “Thanks but no thanks” by the lying fraud Tommie. At least Karin had some experience in bookkeeping that wasn’t twenty five years old.

As to your final accusation this Blog will never ever fail to print DEMANDS from citizens that hold no water. IF YOU DON’T WANT YOUR WORDS PUBLISHED OR THE TRUTH TOLD ABOUT PUBLIC FIGURES THEN DON’T WRITE MAKING DEMANDS. THEY WILL NOT BE HONORED.

Karin’s comment:

It was Helen Miller who confirmed Beverly Brazil was only supposed to help Tommie Jones, not become the Financial Director. Your mother wished to help Helen Miller and did it because of the friendship she felt she had with Miller. Nevertheless, remember, Thomas Brazil, Sr. has cut us down and including me for the application I completed for Joe and the nasty comments made to us were unbelievable for someone who was to be a civil man. Most of the nastiness came from Mr. Brazil’s love of Tommie Jones and even as a detective he couldn’t see what Joe and I did. Yes, I feel badly that Beverly could not cut it and I offered to help but as I was told so nicely by Thomas Brazil Sr. neither Joe or I would ever work at Town Hall and Helen also stated such. I was never allowed to be a volunteer until now. And why was that? Because we told the truth? We have a right to tell the truth and we have found that the majority of the time we are spot on with our insights and opinions.