Charlie and the Town’s Angels

An acquaintance of ours made a valid comment “It is nice to see that people can separate business from personal feelings they may have.  That is why we love our new council members and staff.  Unlike the old guard, all one needed was one to dislike another personally and no matter what great ideas that person may have had, the entire old guard would take up those feelings.  It was never a win-win and there never was opportunity for change.  The old guard ruled and had their own agendas, ignoring everyone else who did not fit their requirements.



It was stated at the workshop last night that it was not the intent to have Helen Miller resign; they asked that she only resign as mayor because she again was getting out of hand.  But from what I have learned, I am of the opinion that it was the best thing which could of happened.   She was out to get Anita Rivers and let’s face the facts, by utilizing others she became rid of good people.  That would have been the continuous norm so I am elated as to what we have with the six beautiful women; Anita, Jackie, Nikki, Audrey, Cynethia, and Vanessa. 



There is logic among them, transparency, and most importantly, they are not an island, like Mrs. Miller but a “Team” of young women making a difference for the Town and White Springs.  Tackling the problems they are like “Charlie’s Angels” and nothing is left to chance.



And to add to the Angels, we have a brilliant Lawyer, “Charlie”, who shall be appointed as our Town Attorney, Joel Foreman, esquire.   It is sad that so many of you have missed an excellent Workshop, on our constitution, the Town Charter.  Many of you have seen the suggested changes to the Charter, on the blog, which Joe Griffin has incorporated from the statutes and other sources.  Yet even we failed to note some very analytical‘ “findings” which Attorney Foreman pointed out.  Some of these findings were ambiguous in the least and need correction.   


The workshop however was not set up to institute changes but was a presentation of the legal aspects which the Town must follow.  Mr. Foreman went through the most pertinent aspects and answered any and all inquiries made.  What was noted is that if our angels have questions, they are pertinent; not like the questions of the old guard where you sometimes had to scratch your head and say, “And what rock did they come from”.   I am very impressed with Mr. Foreman who knows municipal law, the statutes of the State of Florida as well as having been a Magistrate for White Springs years ago.




One should not delve into the past but it seemed as though our previous attorneys would only skirt around the law to somehow appease the various old guards requirements, never really following the charter nor the law.  Mr. Foreman does not patronize anyone but instead cites the laws as they exist and how each pertains to our Town’s constitution (Charter). 



And what is wonderful is these young Angels, are not only intellectual and wishing to do what is right under the law but they wish to serve you the people in the best manner possible, making decisions which will not keep our town broke.  It will take some time and you may not like some of the decisions which have to be made to save our town,  but with Charlie and his Angels, sooner or later our Town will thrive.



Thank you Vanessa George for finding Charlie, the most honest attorney I have met in years.