“Can you “opt out” of Biden Presidency?”

Can you “opt out” of Biden Presidency?

Please see the message below from our sponsor Stansberry Research. They have very important information to share with you today about the future of America as we know it.

“Can you “opt out” of Biden Presidency?”

Dear Reader,

Porter Stansberry is one of the most controversial- but accurate- financial prognosticators in America.

biden planFor example, no one believed Stansberry years ago when he said the world’s largest mortgage bankers (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) would soon go bankrupt.

And no one believed him when he said GM would fall apart… or that the same would happen to General Growth Properties (America’s biggest mall owner)… or that oil prices would fall from over $100 per barrel to less than $40.

Last year, even fewer believed Stansberry when he went public on March 23rd, and said the coronavirus stock market crash had bottomed.

But despite the controversial nature of each of these predictions… in each case, he was proven exactly right!

And now, Stansberry has made perhaps his biggest and most important prediction to date (click here to see the full story):

In short, Porter Stansberry and his team say they’ve found an incredible new way for you to essentially “opt out” of our current corrupt and bankrupt financial system…

And potentially make a fortune in the years to come.

This is especially important now that Joe Biden is in the White House, and Democrats control both houses of Congress.

(Keep in mind: This has nothing to do with the stock market or precious metals or anything else you’d likely expect).

Surprisingly, only about 10% of folks in the U.S. have made this move… yet it’s already created tens of thousands of millionaires.

After working with Porter Stansberry for two decades, I know he’s the best businessman I’ve ever met… and I’ve seen him make one incredible investment call after another over years.

That’s why I strongly encourage you to take a minute or two to hear him talk personally about this one critical move: How to essentially “opt out” of our violent and bankrupt financial system. (You can get his full take on the subject right here on our website)…

With Biden in the White House and progressives controlling Congress, this could prove to be the #1 most important financial step you take this year.

I asked our video production team film Porter in his office, explaining the whole thing for you. You can watch it for free by simply clicking here…

Good Investing,

Mike Palmer
Founding Partner, Stansberry Research

P.S. If you’ve ever seen Porter Stansberry speak in public, you know he does not mince words… and he is not at all concerned about being “politically correct.” If you are easily offended, the video clip I linked to above is probably not for you.