An Outstanding Citizen


When living in White Springs, there are always a few individuals who stand out above the rest.  Such a man is our neighbor and White Springs citizen, Scott Gay who continually finds ways to improve White Springs whether it be landscaping, building or repurposing property.  Mr. Gay has years of valuable experience as an IRS registered tax preparer with his business in Jacksonville Beach.  He is considered one of the best tax professionals in the Jacksonville Beach Area and its surrounding communities as well as providing services for some in White Springs including the CSO.

Mr. Gay with his lovely partner Julie at his side, has brought significant benefit to White Springs with their residential restorations as well as business ventures.  In the future Ms. Julie intends to start a cheese cake bakery in the old fire station which they are renovating on Highway 41.

Once the Town of White Springs has sufficient funds to provide a lift Station and connect sewer and water to a motel Mr. Gay has renovated, we will have additional lodging available for the motel he has renovated..

Scott and Julie seem to have a passion for the people of White Springs and have always had time to help someone who may need their assistance.  Julie who is a retired teacher has offered to assist in Children’s programs prior to COVID.  They welcome visitors and you may have seen them providing treats to the Suwannee Bike Association during their rides.

Scott Gay is also is on the support team for White Springs Fire Rescue and he has assisted the Fire Department by securing a grant from a long time friends’ parents foundation.  Through his friend Joe Eckstein, the Town of White Springs was awarded $10,000 for the purchase of bunker gear, fire rated coats, pants, helmets, gloves, boots, hood, self-contained breather mask and/or tanks to a grateful fire department.  This was through his long time friend’s parent’s Charitable Trust Grant Agreement.  We also know that Mr. Gay gave explicit instructions prior to the May 13, 2020 award.  I am certain, since bills were not paid by the previous Town manager that we need not worry that our current Manager Vanessa George will provide the Charitable Trust with necessary receipts which will be due by May 12, 2021.


Scott is also on the Economic Development Committee and Ms. Julie sought out Anita Rivers, since she is a retired teacher, to assist in the summer youth program through a Charity started by Mayor Miller to assist the children of White Springs. Of course the China virus changed everything.

I don’t believe there is a Citizen in White Springs who does not appreciate and respect this great young couple.  Thank you for making White Springs a better place.

footnote:   At the December 15th meeting Mr. Gay reviewed,, reminded and discussed the Trust Grant of $10,000 for the Fire Department.  Manager George assured Mr. Gay that the funds were being used for the fire department.  The town just paid a bill of $9,833.63 for the fire department.
Although the China Virus prohibited the Folk Festival, Scott and Julie throughout the years have been heavily involved including hosting many of the folk singers at their residence.  Perhaps since Walter McKenzie has resigned, and the China Virus is in the rear view mirror, this wonderful couple may consider more involvement, if their schedules allow it..