A memory of how the old guard treated even our firefighters

We never thought there would be a day, when the Town of White Springs finally was rid of the old guard and the new guard actually has an interest in the Citizens of White Springs.


We now have a Town Manager who is capable and handles the problems head on in a fair and equitable manner and we could never imagine the wonderful and efficient staff which now works in Town Hall.


For those of you who have forgotten what it was like for some of us in White Springs, I came up with an article in early 2018 which I had written.   One would not believe it if it was not written as a sign of the times..



“Apparently there is some harassment going on in town toward those that signed the recall as well as against certain firefighters.


Harassment is one of the worst forms of misuse of office. An official uses the power of his or her office not only to make life miserable for anyone who opposes him or her, but to intimidate the great majority of people into supporting him or her or at least placing fear so that those no longer would dare speaking out in opposition. It not only uses public office to further the personal interests of the offending official, but it causes the personal interests of other government officials, including the desire to preserve their reputations, to determine what they say and do.


It has been found that these officials are also going after reputations and careers of our former firefighters and chief.   I understand that Andrew Greene may not understand that he is a public official and can harass people as he sees fit.  He may feel that it is part of Hammurabi’s law…but there is a difference.  These firefighters were volunteers and they are not public employees like Andrew Greene is.


Unethical officials sometimes seek to destroy the reputations and careers of those who oppose them, usually in dishonest ways. This creates not only an unethical environment, but an environment of fear and mutual hatred, which undermines the government in numerous ways. The most damaging result is scaring honest citizens away from participation in government. It also can lead to enormous costs for taxpayers to defend and settle suits brought against the government (remember: the individual perpetrators don’t have to pay to defend themselves; they are covered under the Town’s insurance). However in the case of Helen Miller PhD, it was an intentional and malicious act against her by the Town.  Yet it may have been payback for the intentional and malicious acts she imposed against others who had ideas other than those which she imposed.


So Andrew, Pam  and Stacy, you may not like the fact that the majority of Citizens in White Springs feel for the money each of you are receiving as public employees, you are inefficient and lack honesty as those before you have.  The sad part is that others believing you will take your stand and such harassment will continue to evolve until all the haters are replaced..


When you get upset about our discussing your salaries, remember employee compensation records allow for public oversight of hiring practices and serve as a valuable resource for managers.  Yet our manager is not qualified to understand why the public is upset.


So, instead of getting upset with the White Springs Journal and calling the police to harass Joe and I, understand that the information on the blog also acts as a deterrent to government corruption of which seems to grow each day in White Springs.


So Stacy, Andrew and Rhett, understand if your harassment continues, those who lose their jobs because of your calls; those whose reputations you have ruined, are citizens and not public employees, so they have the right to sue the Town and the specific employees who are calling.”



Thank you God for bringing Vanessa, Audrey and Cynethia on Staff and for leaders like Anita, Jacqueline and Nikki.  The Change is amazing and no longer is there persecution of singled out individuals.