Happy New Year to all of our readers and contributors!   In alignment with the Town of White Springs, our Blog will have a new start.  No longer do we have Helen Miller on the council and her control of those who she befriends; No more lying and deceit in order to fulfill her agenda;  No longer do we have an ignorant definitely unqualified Town Manager like Tommie Jones; and no longer do our meetings take hours on end because Walter McKenzie had to hear himself talk on every item brought forth by the council. The old guard and their ideas have left Town Hall and we have a new Beginning for White Springs.

I always knew Anita Rivers was intelligent and Logical and these characteristics are evident in the Town Meetings.  She is willing to do what is right for the Town and its’ Constituents and doesn’t waiver if she feels something is wrong.  She goes for the Truth and finds solutions.

The meetings are more relaxed and Anita goes through each item with the other members of the council discussing and determining their vote without hours and hours of discussion.  There is transparency and questions may be raised and are answered.  Insofar as her speech, even though Vice Mayor Rivers is politically correct and keeps the meeting moving, one no long hears the slow deliberate politically correct speech of her predecessors who were so afraid of not looking good to their constituents.  Instead, we have a dynamic Vice Mayor who I hope will be voted in as Mayor at election time.  I have so enjoyed going to council meetings and Ms. Rivers’ decisions for the most part have been spot on. 

Although Jacqueline Williams had previously not had political experience, her business experience is and responsibilities for the Nursing Homes she supervises and handles are amazing.  She also is dedicated to doing what is right for the people of White Springs.   In fact, her trike motorcycle club was in the parade this year and she and her husband purchased some fifteen bicycles for the children of Lake City and White Springs.  Others, including Joe and I offered other gift items to the children of White Springs to make their Christmas great during the Economic problems of COVID-19.  Jacqueline is a very special person and adds to our Council Board in a beneficial way.  She now is more familiar with the political arena but doesn’t have her own agendas like the old guard.

It may be mentioned that Jacqueline Williams requested a Jump Bag from the fire department and she will become a member of the White Springs Fire Rescue as “Support” since she is a certified nurse.